FBI Approved

G and I spent Friday at Pearson International, over-nighting at the Sheraton, which is – some would say – far too close to the landing runways at Pearson. Our room shook as the planes flew, seemingly metres above, the hotel’s roof.

The newest Sheraton at Pearson features a pretty fine restaurant and prides itself on good cuisine (quite rare for hotels near airports). We opted to stay in and sample the in-room service, which appeared within 30 minutes of our order.

1) here comes one; 2) duck or it’ll hit you

3) the chefs modern take on salad nicoise (excellent); 4) chicken panini (also mighty fine)

Saturday morning we had our interviews with the Americans at Pearson that included iris scans and finger printing. After a 30-second ethernet journey to FBI Headquarters in Washington for final verifications we both are now FBI-approved. Woohoo! That will certainly make things much easier as we continue our adventures.

5) our room at the Westin; 6) looking way down the 32 stories to the Toronto Island Ferry Dock

On Saturday night we took advantage of a discount we had for Westin and stayed at the Westin Harbour Castle, overlooking Toronto Harbour and the Islands. We opted again to try the in-room dining – and really pigged out, ordering calamari two-ways, 3 micro burgers, a California cob salad and a pizza with every blessed topping on it save the kitchen sink. Blee joined us and it was good fun eating and watching Julie & Julia.

7 & 8) the sweeping view of the harbour and Toronto Islands from our room – is that a November sky or what?

9) Blee prepares to tuck into our food

Yesterday, G added meat pie-making to the day’s agenda. G’s meat pies are TOO-DIE-FOR and are as good as my mom’s. I’d be stuck having to pick a favourite. Well done G!

10 & 11) G prepares the pastry

12) the mix of pork and beef and veggies; 13) cutting out the tops

14) mmmmmmm

15) G meat-pie perfection!

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4 Responses to FBI Approved

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever even seen a meat pie in person let alone eat one! They do look scrumptious though!

  2. upandoutward says:

    I’ve never had a meat pie; it looks so easy! I’m very tempted to make one for the holidays… Question: What do you use to keep the filling “together”?

  3. christao408 says:

    I’m not sure I’m following this.  Why did you stay at the airport hotel and what is this about FBI approval?  Sorry if I’m being dense…

  4. CurryPuffy says:

    Those meat pies look really good! I hope you’ll accept mail order on your next batch?

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