With Glowing Hearts / Des plus brillants exploits

1) here comes the flame …

Yesterday morning at blessed far too early in the AM and with the temperature a brisk -14C I joined scads of other like-minded Torontonians to watch the Olympic torch pass by. I was fortunate that the route took the flame directly in front of my office – bonus or what?!

Only Canadians with their love of winter and all things winter-sport-related would huddle outside in such temperatures – with a Tim Hortons in hand but of course (Tim’s is our iconic coffee of choice, another quintessentially Canadian thing) – to watch the beacon of competition pass by on its way to Vancouver for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games (Feb 12 to Feb 28).

2 & 3) the requisite advertising courtesy Coke and Royal Bank

4) there it is!

5) he turned just as I shot!

It was, frankly, very exciting to see the torch and quite moving to see so many folks out. The convoy is making its way across the country 300m at a time. The torch was manufactured by Bombardier and contains the motto of the Games “With Glowing Hearts / Des plus brillants exploits”, which is a great turn of a phrase from Canada’s National Anthem.

What’s even more exciting is that in 55 days time G and I will see that flame again as it lights the cauldron in Vancouver to start the Games … we’ll be there and have Olympic tickets to see:

  • the opening ceremonies;
  • men’s short-track speed skating;
  • ladies super combined downhill;
  • one of the victory celebrations;
  • the men’s short program figure skating final; and,
  • the men’s long program figure skating final.

6) continuing on its way to Vancouver

Yesterday was also our National Office’s holiday luncheon and damn was it good fun. We had about 100 staff all being served by the CEO/President and two Vice-Presidents – turkey with all the fixings, wine and beer. It was exceedingly odd to be sitting at my desk later in the afternoon drinking beer let me tell you.

Yesterday was also our condo association’s holiday party with G as host as Vice-President. It was well attended by  a quarter of the residents and for a simple drop-in scheduled from 7-9PM, the party was a hit as it was past 1:30AM when we finally tumbled into bed.

7) G and Board of Directors, Adrian and Karen prepare for the party
(there are no party pictures to protect the identities of our residents)

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3 Responses to With Glowing Hearts / Des plus brillants exploits

  1. Kevin says:

    I have had the opportunity to see the flame twice. I took J. to Richmond Hill (we were already at 401 & Victoria Park) and I was teach at the Olympium on the weekend and it was there. Very excited to see it again and also seeing it for Calgary.I am a little jealous about you & G. heading off to Vancouver but very excited for the 2 of you.Cheers,Kevin

  2. upandoutward says:

    Timmy Ho’s! We have those too! In fact, there’s a 24-hour location right across the street from my building Those sandwiches are THE BEST for breakfast!! Not debatable.I’m gonna have to saunter over there now.. little late-night snack..

  3. Fatcat723 says:

    I would join you to watch the Torch pass. And you can be sure I would be there with you at the events. I will have to watch them from the lounge chair with a hot-toddy lolol. There is a gathering at the Historis Spanish Point, where I work part time now as weekend manager. That should go well.

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