Comfort Food

1) the beautiful Christmas tree gracing the lobby of the King Edward Hotel

Tennis Star Suzie’s annual comfort food holiday party was last night and so we decided to combine a stay at Le Meridien King Edward Hotel (our home-away-from-home when we travel the 15 minutes by subway downtown) with the party. Life at the King Eddy is heavenly and it has the best club lounge of any hotel in the city, complete with free drinks and hors d’oevures and breakfast.

2 & 3) our suite on Saturday night

4 & 5) now you see me; now you don’t

6) the King Edward Royal Club; 7) G heads off to check email in the Club

After stopping by Blee’s for pre-party cocktails we headed over to Tennis Star Suzie’s new digs at Harbourfront and dug into every manner of comfort food imaginable. Is it not interesting that many comfort foods tend to be beige? Cheese, mac and cheese, lasagne, grilled cheese sandwiches … very odd.

8) Gary digs in, while Ironwoman Laura and Tennis Star Suzie chat and Brian digs into more beige food

9) neon-orange bears by the Haida artist Dean Drever at the Toronto Sculpture Garden on King Street; 10) the very funky duck made completely of kitchen stuff outside Victoria Restaurant at the King Eddy

11) one of these would look great in our condo!

This afternoon we also went to see Harvey Firestein in Fiddler on the Roof at the Canon Theatre. Another good show and much ‘lighter’ then the last time I saw this production with Topol in it.

Five days till Christmas now ….

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3 Responses to Comfort Food

  1. ElusiveWords says:

    It’s been awhile since I’ve been to the King Eddy. I should visit it soon.

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    Great looking place for a party! I presume you had a great time!

  3. christao408 says:

    Those bears look like cheese puffs…

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