Watashi wa nihon go ga wakarimasu demo mada jozu ja arimasen.

Got that? …

Suffice to say, my Japanese is probably better than my French. Anyhow, friends Gary and Brian are just back from Tokyo and Blee’s folks are also just returned. On Saturday night, we’re hosting everyone to chat, look at pictures, eat, eat, eat, and compare notes on Tokyo ramen restaurants.

In preparation, I made a batch of dashi last night for one of the courses – a black sesame udon – I plan on serving. Dashi is easy to prepare and you can get everything you need at either J-town or Sanko. What you’ll need is kombu (a type of dried kelp), water, and katsuobushi (aka bonito flakes) which is essential dried and smoked slipjack tuna. Bonito flakes, like kombu, come in many quality levels. Opt for a medium level when buying.

There are many, many dashi recipes out there and all more-or-less the same. I have used one from Closet Cooking, a Toronto food blogger who has an unprecedented following of some 2800 subscribers. Take that Xangans! We’re so small town here … just what I like!

1) bonito flakes, kombu and water (the glass of wine while making is optional); 2) kombu

3) wipe the kombu with a wet paper towel, and; 4) soak in water for 30 minutes or so

5) it will unfold as it soaks; 6) prepare a cup or two of bonito flakes

7) bring the water to a boil and remove kombu and toss in the bonito, take off heat and let sit 5 minutes or so; 8) strain


 9) and you’re done … dashi broth ready to go!

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3 Responses to Dashi

  1. Fatcat723 says:

    looks good to start and so far not difficult

  2. m3galomaniac says:

    OOooo…Oishi…nice, love the bonito flakes.

  3. CurryPuffy says:

    That looks like a good start! Let’s see the whole meal. :P

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