Blee and I ventured out to the wilds of Mississauga for the Photographic, Video & Digital Imaging Show at the International Centre yesterday. I carted out my dear old Canon A1 SLR (which was a gift on my 16th birthday), a gorgeous 70-200mm lens, power winder, flash, and 23mm wide angle lens and traded it in for a new digital Nikon D3000 which I’m simply in love with.

We returned to the condo and invited Cousin Richard over to celebrate and ended up making “Dash-love” shooters – a wonky concoction of chilled tequila floated on creme de cacao into which you inject pureed strawberries.

Try it; you’ll like it.

1 & 2) making the Dash-loves

3) Blee, Cousin Richard and G captured in a moment

4) Blee checks out the mixing; and, 5) takes her medicine

Right, that’s all I got as I must off to Chicago.

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5 Responses to Dash-love

  1. Made2Order says:

    hey b when are you backk manngg?

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    looks good – and sounds good.

  3. kenpcho says:

    I just realized how freakin’ long your legs are in your profile pic. I feel incredibly short all of a sudden. Sounds like you guys had fun concocting your drinks. Always a fun activity. :o)

  4. christao408 says:

    Enjoy your new toy!

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