The City Cottage

This was the Victoria Day Long Weekend in Ontario which is synonymous with the great escape north to cottage country. But the secret of long weekends in Toronto is to not to escape. Toronto is at its best when everyone is gone; getting around is easier; folks are calmer; life slows. We took this weekend to create our city cottage getaway and spent the nights hotel bouncing from the King Edward Hotel to the Hyatt Regency and back to the King Edward.

At the King Edward, we managed – finally – to get the ‘art + tech’ suite. The hotel has one room that – unlike its others – is modern, urban and contemporary. Rumours of its existence were an on-and-off-again treadmill but we can verify it does really exist – room 232 should you ever wish to try it.

On Saturday, we headed over to Blee’s for an amazing seafood dinner that comprised soft-shell crab; scallops and British Columbia spot prawns. If you’ve never had BC spot prawns – OMG, get thee to Bill’s Fish Market in Chinatown East fast and buy ’em. They will likely be here for only a couple more weeks and then go bye-bye till Thanksgiving.

1) Le Meridien King Edward, Toronto; 2) G checks in

3) I hang out in the lobby with a portrait of King Edward in the background; 4) up on the second level

5) the livingroom of the ‘art + tech’ suite; 6) the bathroom

7 & 8) the lobby of the Toronto Hyatt Regency

9) G surveys our view at the Hyatt; 10) nice view

11) looking over to Metro Hall; 12) Blee strikes a PPA (Photographic Posing Actions) (check it out on YouTube if don’t know what it means)

13) looking across from Blee’s to Mimi & Jim’s in CityPlace; 14) Blee had some rose Champagne ready for us upon our arrival…. she knows us so well

15) Blee’s water hyacinth; 16) soft shell crabs are readied

17) dipped in egg and panko crusted; 18) then deep-fried

19) Blee’s soft-shell crab; 20) served on yummy pea shoots


21) scallops; 22) serve with homegrown romaine

23) the spot prawns await their fate; 24) flambeed in sake

25) deliciously sweet!

26 & 27) ready …. jump! … we head out for a walk after dinner

28) looking back to Toronto; 29) they are the kings of the world in Douglas Coupland’s canoe

30 & 31) Toronto from our room at the Hyatt Regency on Saturday night

32) back to a regularly styled suite at the King Edward on Saturday night; 33) complete with creepy twin baby baskets alla Shining … we called housekeeping hand had these instantly removed

34) me with ‘art’; 35) Mimi prepares brunch this morning at their place

36) the view from Mimi & Jim’s; 37) Chico likes his new toy!

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2 Responses to The City Cottage

  1. ElusiveWords says:

    The crab and shrimp look sinfully good.

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    Again you have done an excellent jobs with the photos of the hotel – yes I would certainly stay there. Now to the food —you have photographed every kind of seafood that I love love love. Soft shell crabs lead the list.Now I have to have seafood for supper!!!

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