1) looking west from the Michigan Ave bridge; 2) looking back towards the Chicago Tribune Building (on North Michigan Ave)

I was in Chicago last week to prepare for a meeting myself and some of my North American colleagues had Wednesday with the President of a certain international organization who shall remain nameless. Suffice to say, we prepared Tuesday; met and fought Wednesday and took Thursday to all collectively debrief from what was a worthwhile, yet exceptionally frustrating, meeting.

I flew Porter Air which continues to lead the pack of short haul carriers in North America (one could argue global); even getting a nod from Monocle.  Though you know, Porter Air flight attendants have all the humor of a lump of coal. Unlike their WestJet counterparts, these folks are sticklers for following rules and rarely crack a smile.

I ventured from my usual hotel of choice – W – and opted to try the iconic Intercontinental (right on North Michigan Ave, directly beside the Tribune Building). I was underwhelmed frankly, the spot-on location aside. Lesson learned.

3) Toronto from the Island Airport; 4) a United Nations plane had just landed … betcha coming from Haiti

5) dinner of Chicago style deep-dish Tuesday at Pizzeria Due .. lots of good local brews

6) my room at the Intercontinental; 7) the view from my room down to Michigan Ave

8) South Michigan Ave; 9) State Street where it links to Lakeshore looking south to John Hancock Center

10) “The Bean”

11) on Wednesday night I met up with Chicago friends Paul & Karen and we dined at Quartinos – an Italian tapas joint that was fabulous… try it when you’re there next

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3 Responses to Chicago

  1. Chicago looks so beautiful. Was there a lot to do over there?!

  2. upandoutward says:

    I’ll be there again in 5 weeks!

  3. Fatcat723 says:

    You find the most interesting places to stay and I will not mention anything about the fabulous food!!!

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