Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

1) she is well behaved – if you yell “wave”, she does

G and I ended up running into Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, this morning outside of St. James Cathedral on King Street East. That was sort of neat; even though I am an avowed republican when it comes to such matters. Her Majesty has done a wonderful job during her rein but I do hope the Canadian government seizes the moment it will have when she finally does shuffles off this mortal coil to rid us of this antiquated institution.

2) her silly sidekick does it too!

Liz has been on a royal tour of Canada this week – with that sad sidekick of hers, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh – and we happened upon her after visiting the Tall Ships Festival which has been moored down on the waterfront.

3 & 4) this wee lass was actually standing right beside us when she was plucked out of the crowd by one of Liz’s handlers and carried across the street to be plopped down in front of Her Majesty – thankfully Liz noticed her!

5) Her Majesty’s car (see the royal flag?) … prepares to whisk her to the Royal York Hotel; 7) here the handler returns the wee lass to her mom

But our cycling adventure actually started with the Tall Ships so here’s some sundry photos of what we saw.


Before visiting the Queen we also stumbled upon the secret beach … you’d almost think you’re in Antigua not Toronto eh! And you actually could think this as today was sunny and 37°C – damn freaking hot!

8) yes, this is Toronto

9) interesting view too

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3 Responses to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

  1. tomatoboi says:

    Oh, you got such nice photos! Even though I wasn’t too far away, I was still quite far away… =(Being able to get a glimpse of her made me quite happy though! =]

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    Will Liz be enshrined now.

  3. christao408 says:

    I hope you waved to Liz!

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