(sigh) The Cottage Life

1) the lake awaits us!

We had a wonderful time away with Ironwoman Judy and Mark, Scots on the Rocks Ann and baby K. The cottage was great; the weather even better and the water warm and welcoming.

We lounged, and lounged, and lounged some more. We drank too much Shiraz (thanks Judy!). We swam and kayaked and floated. We barbecued. We played too much boomer edition Trivia Pursuit. We celebrated Scots on the Rocks Ann’s birthday and did what Canadian cottaging is all about: connected.

2) Ironwoman Judy heads for some laps while Ann starts to kayak; 3) G surveys what’s next

4) the cottage; 5) heading down to the dock

6 & 7) dragonfly friend comes to visit my Muskoka chair

8) sitting on the dock by the Lake; 9) Mark takes his turn pushing baby K who never ever tires of using the swing

10) I prepare to swim (and yes, I am an Ironman too but did not wear this when racing; honest); 11) water lily

12) K finishes every last bit of her mom’s buttercream icing; 13) Ann blows out her imaginary candles. – this cake was TO DIE FOR delicious

14) Mark mans the barbecue; 15) yams; chicken and steak were on the menu this night, and none of this silly propane ‘barbecuing’ crap … this is the real thing complete with charcoal

16) quite a change from the first picture eh … this is what happens once you’re established in cottage life

17) a video of K enjoying the swing

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2 Responses to (sigh) The Cottage Life

  1. christao408 says:

    Doesn’t that look like the perfect getaway!

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    That looks so inviting! I am ready for the cottage life too!!!

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