Mikey Visits

A dear friend from a lifetime ago, Mikey, arrived today for a two-day visit. Mikey and I go back to a great adventure that occurred when we revised a national program for a very famous, very large international humanitarian organization in 1994-1996. It was a sick crazy time to be working but a good one. We’ve stayed in touch over the years and met up a couple times since then between his sojourn in Taipei and home in Vancouver. Great to have you here Mikey!

0) Mikey and moi

On another note, my folks are arriving from London Friday for a visit that will include, in part, mom’s XX birthday. Last night G and I were busy preparing the celebratory feast for Saturday night that will include homemade pasta (at mom’s request) … and some raspberry sherbet. The rest of the menu remains top secret.

1) we made full-on flour pasta this time with no addition of semolina. I’m not sure I’m a fan as the pasta, in drying, is very difficult to work with;
2) the KitchenAid pasta extruder is started up

3) look, like magic, homemade spaghetti; 4) here it dries

5) with thanks to CIS Carlee for the recipe – raspberries, milk, sugar and a touch of lemon juice; 6) puree in the blender

7) let it strain a couple times through a ‘china cap’ which is this odd device sort of like
a chinoise but with bigger holes and a wooden pommel you use to work the mixture

8) see all the seeds it ends up catching; 9) blend in your KitchenAid ice cream maker and you’re done … you’ll see the finished adventure next week as all is not what it seems

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