Dragonboat regatta

1) we actually knocked off our dragon head coming into dock on the last race – perhaps we change our name to dragon slayers?!

Last weekend was the first dragonboat regatta of the season. Our fledging wee team – Typhoons – has struggled this summer and we always seem to have six empty seats in the boat each practice. What’s with that?! Anyhow, we headed off to Woodstock on a gorgeous day for their wee regatta made up of 40 boats.

We posted a good first time in race one – 2:29 and change and managed to beat that in the second race with a 2:28:19 which placed us 3rd in our division heading into the final race of the day, the championship race. Sadly, we tanked and struggled to a 2:33 finish in fourth place.

That said, for a team of recreational paddlers, who rarely have a full boat at practice, with a crew of several dragonboat virgins, and the muscle of some last minute paddlers who joined us from CTV Lake Lizards (thanks guys), a damn fine showing me thinks.

Our next regatta is the big two-day GWN in September and I’m sure we’ll paddle all the harder on Thursday nights knowing we can do better.

2) lots of spectators; 3) Team Typhoon camp

4) everyone’s always looking at the race boards; 5) the cancer survivor dragonboats gather for a moving tribute to those who’ve passed away

6) loading up for the final race of the day

7) resting up at Camp Typhoon before the last race

8 & 9) Team Typhoon out on the water

10) Elayne, Blee and Ryan geared up; 11) Team waiting to be marshaled

12 & 13) great shots from Coach Vince in the prow

14) Ryan and I mugging for the camera – we’re both stars

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3 Responses to Dragonboat regatta

  1. kunhuo42 says:

    one of my friends from college does dragonboating in la; i think he still goes out with the team to race. i never really got into it but it looks like a lot of fun!

  2. christao408 says:

    You knocked the head off your prow? That’s got to be inauspicious!

  3. Fatcat723 says:

    Congrats on bettering your time. There is a lake here that is being prepared to international specifications for crew racing and I hear even Dragon Boats!! I hope it is true!

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