Being good Buddhists, we spent the weekend – Friday, Saturday and Sunday – on a cleansing detox that saw no caffeine, no alcohol, no sugar, no salt, no processed flour, no dairy, and no meat. As you can imagine it was a thoroughly miserable experience yes, but a beneficial one nonetheless. We ‘ate’ several vegetable and fruit juices; a salad for lunches and a vegetable stir fry (with thankfully some brown rice) on Saturday night. Sunday we splurged and G made a homemade chunky tomato sauce that we served with brown rice fettuccine. It was actually fabulous but darn I missed the cheese!

1) Friday night we had a soup with soba noodles and pea shoots; 2) broth was dashi, mushrooms and carrots

3) it was very good, actually; 4) Saturday morning lemon with hot water and an apple, honeydew and grape juice

5) Saturday afternoon we enjoyed an apple, grape, carrot, beet and ginger juice; 6) the final product

7) Sunday morning another! juice of orange and pink grapefruit; 8) served with lemon and hot water

9) Sunday afternoon’s juice was pear, orange and apple; 10) lunch both days was this salad served with beets

11) G’s homemade tomato sauce sans sel; 12) Sunday’s appetizer

12) preparing the pasta for the table; 13) in goes the brown rice pasta

14) damn fine I must say!

There were massages for both of us and an Epsom salt bath and an early-to-bed regimen. Sure, it all was good and I do feel great but gosh I’m keen to get back to debauchery! Sorry Lord Buddha; I’ve not yet mastered (let alone believed) all that ‘life is about suffering and misery’ stuff.

…so enough of detoxing and cleansing … let’s talk about good food! G’s first adventure with genoise was back over a month ago and he produced a very yummy – though larger – strawberry cake with a sour cream Chantilly.

15) laying out the ingredients for the cake; 16) tempering the eggs

17) whip it good;18 ) add in the vanilla

19) one genoise cake; 20) lining up the strawberries

21) preparing the milk chocolate; 22) carefully halving the cake

23) off with the top and flip it over;  24) adding the cake syrup

25) adding the strawberries; 26) and the sour cream Chantilly

27) on with the second layer; 28) and more sour cream Chantilly

29) nearly there now …

30) it was DELICIOUS!

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6 Responses to Cleanse

  1. kunhuo42 says:

    that cake looks delicious! i haven’t tried making genoise because i always thought it was a lot of work. maybe i’ll have to try it!

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    Ah the Strawberry Cake – yes yes yes! You know the so called detox or cleansing diets have taken hold in my area. And believe me their diet does not include the good food you had!!

  3. m3galomaniac says:

    wow I would like those very much, since I’ve been sick, all I’ve had is congee with sliced fish :( sad times.

  4. agmhkg says:

    those detoxing food looks really good! of cos the devil strawberry cake is even better!

  5. christao408 says:

    When did sugar and salt become prohibited for Buddhists?

  6. wizki says:

    Your food look sooo tasty and beautiful

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