Tigress by Faberge

Anyone of a certain age and Canadian would immediately know “Tigress by Faberge” not so much for the fact it is a perfume but more that the great Carole Pope – Canadian indie rock icon of the late 1970s and early 1980s – wrote it into the song “High School Confidential” in 1980. The song was then the most sexually explicit song ever to hit the airwaves … in particular, a certain line about her jeans which is still too explicit to write here even in 2010.

On Friday night G and I attended the swank EGALE (Equality for Gays and Lesbians Everywhere) Annual Gala – appropriately titled “High School Confidential” at the Royal York Hotel. Three hundred and fifty of Toronto’s most fashionable gays and lesbians turned out to support the cause – which this year raised funds for myGSa.com – the national safer schools and inclusive education website for LGBTQ youth and educators.

Did you know that even today in Canada ….

  • 66% of lesiban, gay, bisexual, two-spirited, queer and questioning (LGBTQ) students feel unsafe at school;
  • 45% of youth with LGBTQ parents have been sexually harassed at school;
  • more than 10% of non-LGBTQ students have been physically harassed because of their perceived sexual orientation or gender identity; and,
  • almost half of youth of colour – both LGBTQ and heterosexual – don’t know of any teachers or other school staff members who are supportive of LGBTQ students.

Yet despite these sad statistics, more than 14% of students completing Egale’s First National School Climate Survey in class self-identified as LGBTQ … How many of them do you think feel safe coming out?

1) we sat with eight wonderful friends at the Tourism Toronto table

2 & 3) a sweep of the ballroom before sitting down to dinner

4) the acerbic comedian and pop-culture guru Elvira Kurt acted as MC; 5) the Honourable Jack Layton, Leader of the federal New Democratic Party and wife Olivia Chow were on hand

6) good friend Alice and I – Alice literally arrived hot off a plane from Tel Aviv to join us!; 7) Carole Pope sings after dinner


8) of course I had to go meet Carole afterwords for the obligatory photo – thanks Carole!; 9) table mates (l-r) Marc Singh, Co-Chair of World Pride 2014, which Toronto is hosting; Tracey Sandlands, from Pride Toronto; and Liz Devine, President of Jeeves Travel, Rainbow High and ConXity.com. Also at our table was birthday boy Christopher Barry and Sgt. Todd Hillhouse, one of Canada’s first openly gay police officers and his partner, Chris

10) the keynote was delivered by Georgina Beyer, who was born a boy in rural New Zealand and battled drugs, sex work and prejudice to become the world’s first trans politician; 11) much later that night, we’re finally close to home after a good night out for a good cause

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  1. CurryPuffy says:

    What kind of food being served? =P

  2. christao408 says:

    Sounds like a worthwhile event.

  3. Fatcat723 says:

    I hate to guess but I am sure it is around 90% feel unsafe and stay in the closet.

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