Fall Cooking

1) Pumpkin loaf with cranberries and pecans

Perfect for fall, I opted to make a pumpkin loaf with cranberries and pecans on Sunday. Super easy and super yummy, this loaf is also decidedly not-too-sweet – despite the ingredients – which is perfect for me as I hate sweet desserts generally.

2) you’ll need butter, a couple eggs, Dickinson pumpkin puree, brown sugar, pecans and cranberries for the ‘wet’ batch and 3) flour, lots of cinnamon, baking power and powered ginger for the dry ingredients

4) mix dry; 5) cream sugar and butter together

6) just about there; 7) add in the two eggs separately and mix

8) add in the pumpkin and all off the dry ingredients; 9) and finish with the cranberries and pecans

10) drop into a well greased loaf pan and; 11) bake at 350° for an hour

Done with the loaf, I then up and decided to make a heart Fall chicken stew that is finished with – get this – oatmeal dumplings. It did sound pretty awful but you know what, its superb. Kicking up the broth with some white wine and loads of thyme – just thyme – worked really well.

12) drawing together my ingredients; 13) saute the leeks and carrots then add in the chicken to get some colour

14) add in the broth and let it warm through while you prepare the dumplings; 15) essentially oatmeal, flour, thyme, butter and some milk to get a gooey batter which you drop into the broth for 15 minutes or so

16) the result is mighty fine on a chilly September evening let me tell you … despite thinking this was going to be dang awful; I’m left thinking I’ll be making it again … go figure!

And last night was the end-of-season Typhoons dragonboat team potluck party which we hosted here. There was food; there was poker; there was blackjack; there was Jenga; there was (much)toasting; there was G’s fabulous “Dragon’s Breath Martini”; there was mock hardware for a team that did it’s best through another summer of friendship.

For the drink – which I’d highly recommend you try – prepare a chili vodka ahead of time. G mixed a jalapeno and a scotch bonnet chili, sliced thin into a bottle of vodka, shook it a bunch of times, and left it over night in the fridge. In the morning, wake-up; strain the chilies out and mix as below.

17) powerfully potent

 “Dragon’s Breath Martini”

Pepper Infused Vodka

Cranberry Juice

Ginger Beer



Star Fruit  Garnish

18) the faux hardware awaits the team members; 19) we start to dig in

In an effort to protect the sacrosanctness of Team Typhoons partying, all other photos have been suppressed by team management because what happens at Typhoons’ parties stays at Typhoons parties.

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  1. CurryPuffy says:

    Your pumpkin loaf with cranberries and pecans….very delicious looking! The chicken stew recipe looks like something I can handle to make a batch!

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