Kuala Lumpur

1) the Petronas Towers… and nice photograph Brent!

You can’t really get a good sense of a city during a short stay, I admit.  And sure, Kuala Lumpur is hot and humid and busy with people, but I really enjoyed it. Really, really enjoyed it and will return for sure. But I really loved Malaysia.

We flew in from Langkawi courtesy Malaysian Airlines and were met at the airport by our driver who whisked us away to The Westin Kuala Lumpur for another of those vip in-room check-ins to a lovely room with a view of the Petronas Towers. Remember, I’m married to an architect so there are often obligatory rooms with views to architectural marvels. Not that I mind as the view was wonderful and the Towers are quite amazing in their own right.

2 & 3) our car whisks us to the Westin

4 & 5) our room at the Westin

6 & 7) our view from the Westin on a hazy day in KL

We hired a car and headed up to Batu Caves, which is a Hindu shrine dedicated to Lord Murugan up in the Gombak district of KL. We enjoyed touring around the site and wolfed down a very good Indian lunch to boot.

8 & 9) Lord Murugan guards the many steps up to the Batu Caves

10 & 11) lunching at the foot of the caves

12) we hauled our butts in wicked heat and humidity all the way to the top

14) the view from the top; 15) a pilgrim inside the shrine

16) the main shrine; 17) G is dwarfed inside the caves

18) an Indian family with an albino snake and baby – apparently this is good luck; 19) and yes, more nasty macaques at the top

20) up, up, up; 21) a shrine at the base of the stairs

22) at the base there is a festive atmosphere with all sorts of shops and restaurants

23) this is where we ate; 24) the ‘slop bucket’ makes its rounds … but damn it was good stuff!

25) we had no idea what we were ordering but simply pointed and nodded – this was delicious

26) here’s a tour of the restaurant

27) downtown KL is busy; 28) moi in the Westin Club Lounge – nice view; dreadful sushi

29) Elvis is in the house; 30) Jalan Alor – if you do nothing else when you visit, make sure you have dinner here

31) it’s bedlam as restaurant owners compete with cars to take over the street – great fun

32) we opted to eat here

33 & 34) lots of cooking all around you

35) the wings were AMAZING!

36) the tofu was AMAZING; 37) the steamed fish was AMAZING

38) a tour of folks eating along Jalan Alor

We also booked an evening at SkyBar which is probably the best place in all of KL for drinks and a view. The bar is actually on the top floor of Traders Hotel directly across from the Petronas Tower. During the day, the bar serves as the hotel’s swimming pool and is morphed into a bar at night. We had a quiet alcove on one side of the pool that looked directly out onto the Towers. Highly, highly recommended. Make sure to make reservations long beforehand.

38 & 39) hanging out at SkyBar

40) a lovely shot of the towers I took from SkyBar

41) I LOVE this picture … it remains one of my favourites from the trip … the skywalk taken from SkyBar … it actually looks computer generated but I shot this live and in person

42) SkyBar; 43) the first round of drinks arrives at SkyBar

44) G at the base of the Towers; 45) me at SkyBar

46) bye bye KL

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  1. christao408 says:

    Have been to KL three times and quite enjoy it.

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    I am always amazed by the combination of the modern and the ancient. When looking at your photos, I was struck by that. The wings do look good!!

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