Tokyo Park Hyatt

1) the view of Mt Fuji from our room at the Park Hyatt at sunset – stunning!

Park Hyatt Tokyo

It is one of the world’s most quintessential hotels – consistently rated in many Top Ten lists. It was made all the more famous for its central role in the Bill Murray and Scarlett Johannson film, Lost in Translation. It is contemporary zen personified. And G and I were blessed to drop our hats here during our 10 day Tokyo visit.

We secured a Park Suite King on the 44th floor. The hotel actually has two lobbies – the first is on the ground floor which is more of a waiting room. There an elevator whisks you up to the 41st floor reception. The elevator is unique in that the lights brighten as you go up and dim as you descend.

2) our bedroom in the suite; 3) the oh-so-subtle hallways of the Park Hyatt

4) this is the actual view from our suite without the telephoto lens … Mt Fuji is way over there

The level of service at the Park Hyatt truly defies any attempt to put it into word so I shan’t even try save to say it is refined, reserved and discrete. It is hands-down the best hotel I have ever experienced – best hotel; best in-room check-in; fabulous lounge (the Peak Lounge on the 41st floor); best breakfast service; best bar (the iconic New York Bar & Grill); and best spa (the baths were amazing). Membership has its privileges here and as a Diamond member you’ll get:

  • full-on free breakfast;
  • in-room wireless;
  • anytime access to the New York Grill (and no cover charge) – this was especially sweet as we waltzed in late one night when the place was packed and bopping and were instantly acknowledged and recognized and escorted to a posh booth by the maitre’d; and,
  • free access to the spa and Japanese baths.

All this though does not come cheap, and, if you can’t manage a stay on your hotel points, you should factor in US$1700/night for a Suite … so save your pennies. It is worth every single moment.

6) our living room

7) the other side of the living room; 8) the – sigh – bed at night

9 & 10) the bathroom

11) Blee arrives on the 41st floor lobby; 12) the ‘library’

13) Tokyo at night from our room

14) looking down onto Shinjuku; 15) the hotel is right beside the Tokyo Municipal Government Building

16) Blee gets comfy with champagne; 17) the nearest subway line is Tochomae Station

19) the requisite Bill Murray shot; 20) Blee hams hers up

21) lunch at New York Grill – my pork chop and brussel sprouts; 22) G’s lamb shank

23) Blee enjoying lunch; 24) late at night we relax at the bar

25) looking down on to Shinjuku from the hotel

26) this was very late at New York Bar – I love this picture with the waiter busying himself laying tables for lunch the next day

27) Mt Fuji with the super zoom from the suite

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  1. ThePrince says:

    this is amazing! thank you for sharing these pictures, i’m so inspired now to want to go and stay at this place. again, this is really amazing.

  2. kunhuo42 says:

    i’d love to visit japan, and it really saddens me how things are evolving out there after the earthquake/tsunami. i hope things improve soon.

  3. Fatcat723 says:

    Great view and photos. I hope Japan can recover from the recent tragedies.

  4. vsan79 says:

    Nice Pictures. How is Japan (Aftermath)?

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