On Orchids

1) Orchid at National Gardens, Singapore

2) orchids – Toronto Orchid Show – Feb 12/13, 2011

I am a self-professed orchid lover. Not a fanatic like some but I do enjoy looking at orchids, visiting orchids and growing orchids. G would perhaps say I take better care of my orchids than him but that is simply not true. Seeing that it actually snowed here today – despite spring being in the air – I thought I would share a number of photographs of orchids I took whilst in Singapore and again at the Toronto Orchid Show I attended with Blee in February.

Finally, a photo or two of my much loved orchid here at the condo that has once again bloomed and is showing two stems – one with what will be 11 flowers; the other, with an amazing 19 flowers once they all release. Gotta love it.

3) entrance to the Singapore Botanical Gardens; 4) a beautiful star orchid

5 & 6) the Singapore Gardens have specially designed orchids honouring famous folk

7 & 8) more famous orchids

9 & 10) more famous folk

11) Singapore

13) the variety and size or orchids never ceases to amaze; look at this one in Singapore

14) Singapore

15) Singapore

16) Singapore

17) Singapore

18) Singapore

19) Singapore

20) Singapore

Now onto some more photos I took here in Toronto at the Toronto Botanical Gardens at Lawrence and York Mills.

21) some winners!

22 & 23) Toronto

23) lots of folks like me; 24) Toronto

25 & 26) Toronto

Lastly, a couple shots of my oh-so-wonderful in bloom orchid here at the condo. Let spring reign!

27) the orchid looking splendid first thing in the morning

28) one stem up close

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3 Responses to On Orchids

  1. ThePrince says:

    i love orchids as well. my grandmother used to grow them so i got to see them a lot as a child.

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    Beautiful, beautiful! I do not have a “green thumb” the best I do is growing cactus. Well, I am in Florida! Thanks for the beautiful photos of a beautiful delicate flower.

  3. CurryPuffy says:

    Love the orhchids! And your decor too! Is it DWR?

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