Allan Gardens

1) Allan Gardens – there’s a pathway in there somewhere

Built back in Queen Victoria’s time in 1858, Allan Gardens is a perfect place to catch a hint of spring before spring arrives. G, Blee and I paid a visit last weekend to snap some photos. It even has – yep – a banana tree that has spouted fruit..

2 & 3) the banana tree and fruit

4) in the cactus house; 5) these were little blue flowers that looked like green chilis

6) in the cactus house again

7) looks like this cactus has an erection; 8) these flowers reminded me of potato chips for some reason

9) an orchid, but of course

10) so pretty!

11 & 12) dinner on me for the person who can guess what these two fruits are growing inside the conservatory

Also must give a shout-out to my dear friend LA who paid us a visit a few weeks ago for lunch. LA and I go waaaay back, and by that I mean, friends since the age of four. We actually also both won “Athlete of the Year” Awards in the same year at the same high school – LA as best female athlete, moi as best male athlete. Yes, we ran with the sports/jocks crowd … back then.

13) moi and LA

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4 Responses to Allan Gardens

  1. The Allan Garden’s looks incredibly beautiful… It actually makes me want to start gardening.

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    Beautiful colors and arrangements. You mean you don’t run with the jock crowd now!?!?!

  3. CurryPuffy says:

    Spring has arrived! How colourful!

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