1) the new Canadian Museum of Human RIghts continues to be constructed down at the Forks – what a fascinating building and can’t wait for it to open and another visit

So after arriving back in Vancouver last Thursday, I have found myself in Winnipeg this week. It probably would have made more sense to stop here on route back from Toronto, but sometimes my senses fail me.  I am ever so hopeful this is the last travelling I have this year … please, please … as I’ve pretty much exhausted the Air Canada movie selections on flights. The weather has been wonderful all week … sunny and warm, yes, warm for Winnipeg in November – yesterday we even set a historical high of 9.1C. Woohoo!

Meetings have been going well especially one I had yesterday with a Deputy Minister at the Manitoba Legislature.

Winnipeg remains a favourite of mine. The city does tend to get short shrift by many Canadians but I have always found my time here to be great. The people are uber friendly and the city has some great spots – Portage and Main; the Forks; the Exchange District (which is increasingly being used for filming). And, of course, the Winnipeg Jets are back in town so that’s great news.

 2) the beautiful dome inside the Manitoba Legislature; 3) the main entrance is decked out for the holidays

 4) a late lunch yesterday afternoon inside the splendid bar at the historic Hotel Fort Garry; 5) another view of the Museum


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3 Responses to Winnipeg

  1. tomatoboi says:

    The museum looks pretty cool~Never been to Winnipeg, not sure if I ever will. Hope you sent a postcard! haha

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    You have a great eye for photos. Love them – and you also encourage me to start raveling agian!

  3. m3galomaniac says:

    Museum looks super awesome! Lots of blue sky there in Vancouver, beautiful :) well you gotta find something else to do aside from all the in-flight movies, hope the games are fun!

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