Port Moody

1) putting Port Moody on the historical map

Wth Barb and Darrin back from Ontario, we met up on Saturday to hike away the day in and around the town of Port Moody, located at the end of the Burrard Inlet. Port Moody is, oh, a 30 minute drive from downtown Vancouver and is “The City of the Arts” nestled between Burnay and Coquitlam. It is perhaps best known as the termius for the Canadian Pacific Railway and still hosts an annual “Golden Spike” days. There is a fantastic network of parks maintained by BC Hydro and the Greater Vancouver Regional District Parks.

2) Lake Sasamat – where most of Vancouver’s triahtlete’s practice their swim segment; 3) hiking Belcara – Barb, Darrie and G got a little ahead of me

4) at Admiralty Point we came cross this ‘home’; 5) the parks here are all part of BC Hydro lands and you can see where – way back – lumberjacks hammered in planks in these trees to stand on as they cut them down

6) Belcara Bay; 7) this Japanese family was busy fishing for crabs (something very easy to do here so long as you’ve a licence). They were catching Dungeness crabs which then prompted G and I to serve up the same Saturday night

 I should also note that we attended the too-much-fun Movember Vancouver Gala Party on Thursday evening at the Commodore. I forgot both my cameras, so, with apologies there are no photos of this great, great  party. The live band playing – Tainted Lovers – were amazing and if you get a chance to see them in your neck fo the woods – take it!


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