For G’s birthday we headed back for another stay at the Fairmont Pacific Rim and decadently ordered Oru’s signature “Seafood Tower” which came to our room with every manner of delicious seafood – shrimps; lobster; crab; mussels; oysters; calms and two types of sashimi (complete with all sorts of accompanying sauces and dips). It was brilliant; simply brilliant and I’d order it again in a nanosecond.

1 & 2) our suite for G’s bday

3 & 4) amazing! … dig in!

5) the folks at Fairmont left us some bonbons too

G also scored tickets to see the first place Vancouver Canucks play second place St. Louis Blues at Rogers Centre. We had great seats and despite being a rather dull defensive game, in the end – in the third period – Burrows scored and Vancouver went on to a 2-0 win. Go Canucks Go! Best of all, there was no post game riot and we had but a not-more-than-4-minute walk back to the condo.

6) hanging out at the game

The seafood theme continued last week when we ventured into Yaletown to one of the West Coast’s (and Canada’s) finest restaurants – The Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar (chef is Frank Pabst; raw bar/sushi chef is Yoshiya Maruyama) – for dinner with a very pregnant Sandra and hubby Don. Thanks Don & Sand for a fabulous meal!

7) Blue Water Cafe; 8) moving clockwise from the horseradish at bottom, we have 2 each of: Chef’s Creek oysters; Komo Gway; Kusshi; Little Wing; Reed Island and Sawmill

9) the sashimi platter; 10) truffled fries with fresh Parmesan

11) a trio of rolls: spicy tuna; dungeness crab and sockeye salmon

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8 Responses to Canucks

  1. ElusiveWords says:

    OMG – look at that gorgeous food!

  2. I’m extremely green… so green that I would perfectly blend in a forest. I should take notes from you as to how to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries with a sig.other :]

  3. secade says:

    Looks very decadent indeed! I’ve never had food like that before in my life.

  4. Fatcat723 says:

    Never celebrated my birthday that way. Excellent presentation of what looks like yummy food.

  5. christao408 says:

    Looks like quite a way to celebrate a birthday!

  6. tomatoboi says:

    Rogers Centre is in Toronto, the one you went to us Rogers Arena =P

  7. stevew918 says:

    You surely know how to treat bf very well. I can imaine you hand fed him lobster and cholocate. :) The evening must be quite a treat, i hope he appreciates, tell G that i told you that he one lucky man!

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