Honolulu II

1) the famous pink umbrellas at the Royal Hawaiian looking out to Diamond Head

Post Kaua’i we found ourselves holed up in the Nani Pumehana Suite in the oh-so-1930s Pink Palace otherwise known as the Royal Hawaiian Hotel on Waikiki and promptly recommitted ourselves to a diet of sushi, sushi, sushi … in between surfing Waikiki and shopping.  Loved it!

2) the back of the hotel; 3) I got leid for this picture!

4) the wonderful rockers that look onto the courtyard – I loved sitting here; 5) G wanders the hallways

6) our room even had a name; 7) the toiletries

8 & 9) our suite

10) the main lobby; 11) on the way to Morimoto’s by the Hilton

12) each of the doors in the Royal Hawaiian have been hand-carved with the Hawaii State seal

13) G’s martini at the MaiTai Bar; 14) my maitai

15) our one concession one day – a pizza at the MaiTai Bar; 16) more of the lobby

17) the main entrance; 18) me relaxing in the rockers

19) the hallways are oh-so-lovely

For sushi we walked to the Modern Hotel at the far end of Waikiki and spent two meals completely ensconced in the wonderful world of Ironchef Morimoto’s Waikiki outpost, called simply enough, Morimoto. The first time we dinned, we sat at a table and put ourselves over to Morimoto’s US$120/pp omakase tasting menu. Our second venture we sat at the sushi bar, ordered a la carte and left sushi selections to the chef. Both were outstanding meals and we would certainly recommend the place.

20) the quiet kitchen; 21) lunchtime crowd is sparse

22) the kitchen is hopping at dinner; 23) looking across to the bar at dinner

24) first course is hamachi and toro tartare; 25) whitefish carpaccio

26 & 27) bagna cauda (we’ve made this one at home several times and I thought ours was better! …. take that Ironchef

28) I forget! (must ask G to remind me – blame the Chardonnay); 29) seaweed tea as a palette cleanser

30) Morimoto’s sushi selection; 31) the final course is a hodgepodge of everything – wagyu beef, tartare, black cod

32) dessert is … underwhelming … I’m sorry but asian desserts regularly disappoint but I suspect that’s my palette at play not the fault of chef

33) Morimoto tempura; 34) chef’s $40 sushi/maki combination

35) so much fish; so little time!


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3 Responses to Honolulu II

  1. kunhuo42 says:

    mm… haven’t tried morimoto’s yet, sadly, but i must do that soon!i suspect it’s in part your palate… i prefer asian desserts because they aren’t so overwhelmingly sweet. most western desserts are a bit too much for me to handle.

  2. tomatoboi says:

    I don’t get postcards from you anymore, eh

  3. Fatcat723 says:

    YAY – we finally have stayed in the same places and eaten at the same restaurant! I find that unreal but I really enjoyed the trip – I got spoiled.

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