After returning on the red-eye from Hawaii I was immediately heading north to Squamish to volunteer at a camp for folks recovering from neuromotor disorders of various ilks. I was lucky during my down time to walk the early mornings along the Squamish River near Brackendale (famous as the stopping ground for eagles making their way north and south) but only saw one.

1) accommodations in Squamish were just a tad different than what I had at the St Regis in Kaua’i; 2) wandering along the Squamish early on Easter Sunday morning

3) more the the river walk; 4) moi decked out on Easter morning for the easter parade

This weekend saw us in Kits for Don & Sand’s “Diaper Party” – Sand’s having twins! We busied ourselves by making a diaper cake. Yes a diaper cake! We also made a batch of double chocolate cupcakes with rosewater buttercream icing.

5) D&S stunning dog, Yoshi; 6) our cake

7) Sand is SO pregnant!; 8) the cupcakes!

9) these terracotta warriors started appearing on the streets of Vancouver on Wednesday. There are 34 in total out there – each one unique – and all will be auctioned off for charity …. to buy or not is the question!?

In other news, this year’s cruise season starts on Tuesday and we’ll again be inundated by 1000s of new neighbours wandering our Gastown streets.


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2 Responses to Diapers

  1. stevew918 says:

    First time i heard about diaper party. They have chololate filling? Love your pink bowltie. :)

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    Beautiful scenery! Now I see the need and great idea for diaper party. By the way very distinguished outfit.

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