Yanta Thims

1) Yanta takes in the view at our condo in Vancouver … note: the dining room chairs have not been stolen; they are being made in Bangkok and are currently on route! … as is the missing rug in the livingroom which is also on route from India

I’ve known Yanta Thims since teaching her swimming lessons back in 198x. She jokes – but only really half-jokes – that every job she’s had is thanks to me. Granted, it’s true. I hired Yanta as a Leader Guard, promoted her to supervisor, and, after I left the city’s employ, met with her to encourage her application to that world renown international humanitarian organization I was working for at the time. She did apply and joined me there too … and quickly rose through its ranks to be the lead guru in her particular skill set. And she’s just finished a year creating a new company for them to boot!

Yanta and I could write a bible-sized novel on our history. History that spands three decades from our crazy days (daze?) as lifeguards on the pool deck; to teaching many an Instructor School; to coordinating many company reorgs; to the Amazing Race; and to that epic of parties – the now mythical Moulin Rouge Party – G and I created and hosted well on a decade ago that shall forever live as THE party of the century. She remains a dear friend and it was so nice to have her in Vancouver for a week before I headed out travelling.

Since then I’ve found myself in Toronto for a short visit with Lady Sarah, Phil; Blee and the Keg Girls before dashing to London for a celebratory dinner with my folks and a visit with Lady Kay, my grandmother, who recently turned 101. I’m now ensconsed at Blue Mountain (and yes, there has been snow!) for strategic planning meetings [rolls eyes]. I shall be – gladly – flying home to see G on the weekend.

2) looks like I’m giving advice to Lady Kay in London; 3) Blee and a very pregnant Lady Sarah in Toronto

4) mom and papa celebrate; 5) my suite at Blue

6 & 7) the view of Westin Trillium House and the slopes at Blue

8) weeks ago we made home-made pasta with raosted pumpkin filling; 9) served with a sage butter sauce … OMG it was SO good. Can you say ‘restaurant quality!’

10) for the appetizer – oysters, shucked by yours truly (which was actually a first for me)

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  1. Fatcat723 says:

    I love pumpkin but never have had roasted!

  2. christao408 says:

    Roasted pumpkin! Yum!

  3. secade says:

    It’s awesome that you’ve had such a long history with someone :) I hope to develop those sorts of friendships too!

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