Palm Springs

Greetings from Palm Springs, which is sort of like walking straight into 1963 – very surreal. Anyhow, while Palm Springs is nice and all, I am actually wishing I was in London to celebrate my neice, P’s, birthday. Happy Birthday girl; you look fabulous!

1) the beautiful neice with my beautiful mother at a get-together in London a week ago

Before you go on about how tough it must be hanging around Palm Springs, I do note that I must fly to Calgary Monday morning and from there onwards, further north, to Lloydminster, Saskatchewan only to then transfer to a car and drive even further north towards the Northwest Territory border, to visit a very small aboriginal community for a day …. in December!  …and, did I mention it’s currently -30C there?! And has been snowing a week. Talk about going from the sublime to the surreal in a matter of a day or two eh!

ps. I miss the nine o’clock cannon … G will get that reference even though he’s in Seattle tonight.

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2 Responses to Palm Springs

  1. Happy Birthday to your Niece. They grow up so fast.

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    Lot of travelling – enjoy what you can.

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