See you soon (aka lasagne)

1) my homemade lasagne

No, I’m not speaking of the impending demise of Xanga, which will come soon enough – goodbye and goodluck.

Rather, I’m talking lasagne, which in our home means I must be heading somewhere – presently off to London and then onwards to Toronto. A tradition we try to honour is that I make a lasagne for G when I’m gone. So, see you soon G (aka lasagne!).

… oh, and our Bud Red Light arrived today … just in time for the start of the Chicago/Boston Stanley Cup finale.



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3 Responses to See you soon (aka lasagne)

  1. I hope your trip East was a good one. We have to connect next time you are in town.Are you going to be blogging elsewhere if Xanga goes down? I love reading the stories and checking out the great pics.Cheers!K

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    OK send the lasagana and beer lolol

  3. ElusiveWords says:

    I want to cut open that lasagne and see what’s inside.

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