Britannia Mine Museum

DSCN0453 (1024x768)1) Britannia Mine Museum

For the Canada Day weekend, we travelled north to the Britannia Mine Museum, a site we’ve been meaning to visit for 2 years now. The mine was in operation from 1904 through to 1974 when it was closed down and morphed into a National Historic Site. It is well worth a visit and includes a wee underground tour which was excellent that walks you through the history of the mine and how the miners extracted the cooper from the mountain. There are some 210kms of mine tunnels at the site and it spawned two communities – Britannia Beach and Mount Sheer – where some 60,000 people toiled over the 70 years. Up until 1956 the site was only accessible by boat!  At it’s heyday in the 1920s it was the largest producer of copper in the British Empire and yielded some 50 million tons of ore. Crazy!

DSCN0398 (1024x768)DSCN0401 (1024x768)

2) we get our briefing before heading into the mine; 3) away we go!

DSCN0406 (1024x768)DSCN0408 (1024x768)

4) here’s where they stored the TNT (it was actually the only place in the mine where there was a light; 5) weaving our way along

DSCN0414 (1024x768)IMG_3148 (1024x765)

6) guess what this is?….. the miners …. toilet! … it came along 2 times during the 8 hour shift; 7) here our guide Lauren demonstrates the drill … OMG … it was SO LOUD!

DSCN0417 (1024x768)DSCN0419 (1024x768)

8) more and more tunnels; 9) here’s the Mill where the ore entered at the top and then worked its way down 7 stories to become copper at the bottom

DSCN0418 (768x1024)

10) here’s the exit/entrance to the mine

DSCN0420 (1024x768)DSCN0424 (1024x768)

11) here in the Core Sheds, rock core samples were kept by the geologists so they could fixate exactly where to drill; 12) there are rows and rows and rows of them

DSCN0421 (1024x768)DSCN0445 (1024x768)

13) here’s a close up of the cores; 14) me posing at the Britannia “Copper Queen” … if only for a day

DSCN0426 (768x1024)14) inside the mill, Lauren tells tales of men having to climb those crazy stairs that go up forever … and back in the day, there was no railing!

Last weekend we also hosted a Summer solstice party at the condo where we watched the sun set on the longest day of the year. It was great fun and below are a few snaps of the nibblies we prepared for the get-together!

DSCN0318 (1024x768)IMG_3135 (1024x765)

15 & 16) dig in!

IMG_3136 (1024x765)IMG_3137 (1024x765)

17) that’s lavender sausage, speck and duck with apricot pate; 18) cheese of course

  IMG_3138 (1024x765)

19) … and G made macaroons of course – lavender and vanilla

DSCN0133 (1024x768)20) the sun set was gorgeous!

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