Eat, drink and speak Italian

DSCN0553 (1024x768)1) the new pizza steel

It’s always nice to be home. After a couple weeks on the road – visiting London and then Toronto (where it was 44C with the humidex I might add) – it is lovely to be back home on the ‘best coast’. To celebrate G and I ate, drank, spoke Italian and prepared home-made pizza on the new Modernist Cuisine pizza steel we purchased.  If you are not familiar with Modernist Cuisine, do go take a peek here.

The steel is essentially a solid steel plate weighing in at 22 pounds that you stick in your oven, heat the hell out of, and then bake your pizza on. It’s very cool and produces a fine Napoli-style crispy crust. It far surpasses any pizza ‘stone’ and even beats our goto pizza-making option – Mario Batali’s cast iron pan. We made two styles – one a classic margarita; the other bacon, mushroom and onion. Yummy!

DSCN0550 (1024x768)2) the mat is readied for pizza crust making

DSCN0558 (1024x768)3) G prepares the crust

DSCN0556 (1024x768)4) double smoked bacon

DSCN0555 (1024x768)5) mushrooms and onions await

DSCN0551 (1024x768)6) fresh tomatoes and basil

DSCN0562 (1024x768)7) the pizzas are ready

DSCN0564 (1024x768)8) gorgeous!

DSCN0565 (1024x768)9) oh so yummy!

While in London we celebrated my mom’s xx birthday.  Mom/papa and I headed to Stratford one day to picnic along the Avon which was lovely and then we gathered at my sister’s for photos prior to heading out for a birthday dinner. It was amazing as ever to hangout with everyone, and my, the niece and nephew just keep growing and growing.

IMG_3199 (1024x765)10) papa and ma toast xx years

IMG_3200 (1024x765)11) ma made salmon

IMG_3201 (1024x765)12) and swan-shaped deserts of course

IMG_3238 (765x1024)13) what a beautiful family – sis, hubby and the kids

IMG_3241 (765x1024)14) and here we all are … including one dog

IMG_3261 (1024x765)15) Happy Birthday Mom!

While in Toronto I managed time to meet-up with dear friend Kevin (thanks for driving all the way out to TO and good luck with the move!); dined with Cousin Richard and Blee at Rosedale Earth (it was just okay); and spent an afternoon lazing about the pool with Lady Sarah and Sir Henry at Gord and Ann’s.

IMG_3219 (1024x765)16) moi and Kevin reminiscing about our journeys in Nice and Paris

IMG_3277 (1024x765)17) most weekend mornings you’ll find G and I out on the Seawall cycling … this morning we stopped by these enormous Jurassic Park-like leaves

DSCN0514 (1024x768)18) last week, the “Serene” yacht was visiting Vancouver Harbour – it is the 9th largest privately owned yacht in the world (owned by a Russian tycoon) … the wee door you see at the aft actually opens to release a smaller vessel

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