Canada Day

DSCN0462 (1024x768)1) the F16s announced the arrival of Canada Day festivities

Canada Day in Vancouver started with the arrival of two Canadian Royal Air Force military jets flying (very) low over Burrard Inlet at noon. This was immediately followed by a – we are still unsure – if it was a 21 or 24 artillery gun salute from guns set up along the road over at Stanley Park near the 9 o’clock cannon. Also in port that day, along with the usual Celebrity ship, was the Caledonia Sky, a ship we’ve never seen here and which specializes in Arctic and Antarctica cruises. It is a very tiny ship (you can see the comparison below) and looking at its website, very very expensive.

DSCN0464 (1024x768)2) the guns fire off celebratory Canada bursts

DSCN0454 (1024x768)

DSCN0455 (1024x768)

3 & 4) the Celebrity compared to wee Caledonia Sky

DSCN0494 (1024x768)5) at 10:30PM the fireworks commenced and we watched them sitting out on the balcony

DSCN0477 (1024x768)6) In this photo you can see the flotilla of boats that encircle the fireworks barrage … they would have had superb views indeed!

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