Summer Sailing

DSCN5229 (1024x768)1) WestJet Sue enjoys the view heading back into  the city

In August WestJet Sue kindly invited G and I to join her and her husband, Kevin, on a 3-hour sail around Vancouver Harbour. Loaded with supplies of food, wine and beer we met our skipper, Cody, at Coal Harbour and jumped aboard the Blue Heron and were within minutes out on the water. We sailed west up First Narrows and under the iconic LionsGate Bridge and then out into English Bay to bob among the many tankers that lay at anchor there waiting for their slip to open at the port. Those tankers, which look so small from the window of our condo as they motor up Coal Harbour, are massive when you’re sailing alongside them in a 28-foot sailboat.

We cranked the tunes, sipped our wine and confirmed secret desires to all take up sailing (something I admit have long wanted to do but still haven’t found time to actually undertake). My bad. As the sun set, we turned east again and sailed back toward Coal Harbour to moor just off Stanley Park to await hearing the 9 o’clock cannon fire off while on the water. Lemme tell you, it’s loud when we watch from the condo every night but it’s a whole new experience to be directly in front of the blessed gun as it fires. You feel it run throughout your body.

DSCN5106 (1024x768)2) this crane is the largest of its kind in Canada and is nicknamed, “Big Blue”

DSCN5112 (1024x768)3) WestJet Sue and I enjoying the view as we head out to English Bay

DSCN5120 (1024x512)4) this gorgeous old ship puttered on past us as we headed out

DSCN5127 (1024x768)5) there’s the tankers moored out in English Bay

DSCN5115 (1024x768)6) passing under LionsGate Bridge

DSCN5135 (1024x768)7) lotsa wind for our sails today

DSCN5143 (1024x608)8) here’s the city skyline taken from out in English Bay

DSCN5147 (1024x768)9) WestJet Sue and hubby in a-glowing light

DSCN5154 (1024x768)10) moving close to one of the tankers

DSCN5156 (1024x768)11) whoa, they sure are big out here!

DSCN5161 (1024x768)12) watching the sun set

DSCN5169 (1024x768)13) the light on the tankers is so beautiful

DSCN5174 (1024x768)14) the sun goes down and twilight settles on us

DSCN5177 (1024x768)15) Captain Cory with WestJet Sue and Kevin take us back into shore

DSCN5186 (768x1024)16) back under a now lit LionsGate Bridge

DSCN5188 (1024x768)17) looking across to West Vancouver

DSCN5190 (1024x768)18) gosh it’s pretty

DSCN5200 (1024x768)19) WestJet Sue and G enjoying the speedy ride back to shore

DSCN5213 (1024x768)20) waiting for the 9 o’clock cannon off Stanley Park

21) here you’ll see the small flash as the gun goes off and our commentary on it

22) here’s a video as dust settles in and we head to the dock showing the Vancouver skyline at night

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