Harvest Haus

IMG_5390 (1024x765)1) Harvest Haus

Earlier in October we purchased tickets for new Vancouver event called, Harvest Haus. This was essentially an Oktoberfest party built in the Bavarian-style, put on the same outfit that puts on Diner en Blanc, The Social Concierge. Having spent last October in Munich for Oktoberfest (see here) I was keen to compare of course.  Barb & Darrin joined us for the fun, festivities, and of course, beer. (Too) much beer. We were welcomed by the burgermeister who spent the evening (a Thursday to boot) keeping folks entertained. There was ompapa music, an official keg opening ceremony, challenges to patrons involving cardboard beer coasters, loads of lads in leiderholden (my own adorable G included), and, as the evening wore on and the beer continued to flow, much general partying, dancing and German-inspired merriment.

The event was great fun, if too pricey, and while certainly not as fabulous as doing this in Munich, all-in-all pretty darn close to the ‘real’ thing.

IMG_5392 (1024x765)2) the party before the party started

IMG_5397 (1024x765)3) here the burgermeister taps the first keg

IMG_5423 (1024x765)4) we received free steins as part of our admission

IMG_5417 (1024x1024)5) the burgermeister makes announcements

IMG_5403 (765x1024)6) … and calls out a lad at our table

IMG_5399 (1024x765)7) meanwhile, the band plays on …

IMG_5446 (1024x1024)8) cheers!

9) here’s a video of the party later in the evening


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