Keg girls

I hosted the annual holiday Keg Girls night last evening at my place. A rip-roaring success if only attested to by the empty wine bottles. This group has been meeting for over 10 years now. They actually meet monthly at the Keg and always order nachos and copious amounts of chardonnay. The holiday get-together is only different in that 1) it is held at a member’s home; and 2) gifts (almost always chardonnay) are exchanged. Two of the three Keg Girls – Mama J & J – used to supervise me (in my earlier life).  And anyone who knows me knows that is no easy feat. And one – J – is also a Ironman Triathlete (3 times over: doing Ironman Canada twice and Ironman USA once). She is truly inspirational.  

The Keg Girls at C’s place last year

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