Christmas consumerism

I was thinking today I’m not in the Christmas spirit as much this year as in the past. So, why is that I wonder? … mid-life crisis? Too much work? Too little exercise? Continued post-Ironman depression? Or is it the increasing forced nature of Christmas? Christmas as consumerism is nothing new. It just seems increasingly blatant and starts to assault us the day after Thanksgiving. We’ve lost the ‘real’ Christmas somewhere along the way and in doing so, I find I’m just less and less moved at this time of the year.

I nixed Christmas cards even … and this from someone who’d have them all done and ready to go on December 1st. I mean, I did actually sit down and start labelling envelopes but by the 10th one I was like, nah, can’t be bothered. It seemed such a hollow gesture. What’s worse, each night when I open the door there’s yet another little pile of cutesy cards with Santa stamps and warm fuzzy sentiments awaiting me on the floor. And, damn, I’m wracked by guilt seeing them. Fortunately, guilt is like a woman losing her virginity …. it only hurts a moment.

New Year’s Resolutions:

But onto more positive things. Next year’s resolutions. I’m a big fan of these. Resolutions are targets, mileposts, we set to make us better people. I’d highly recommend you spend five minutes to quietly reflect on how you want to be different at this time next year, and jot those thoughts down. So, for 2006 (in no particular order):

  1. Eat fish once/week.

  2. Serve two vegetables at each dinner.

  3. An apple or orange over lunch Monday-Friday.

  4. Set a target race for 2006 (Scotiabank Half in September?).

  5. Keep this blog going as the memory book for G.

  6. Read a book/month.

As the year progresses I’ll have to see how these hold up. And, I do reserve the right to edit these as this next week progresses. 

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