The chargers! The chargers!

No, not the ones from San Diego … hehe … anyone get that joke? 

The chargers are beautiful! G and I used them for the first time last night for our holiday dinner and gift exchange. We got them at the Artimede sale two weeks ago for a song. We spied them first at William Ashley’s, where they were ridiculously priced. We then made a point to hunt them down at the WA Warehouse sale in November. We actually ordered them up at that point too … six would have been $280. They sat in the cart while we inched our way down the line towards the cashout. The line is good for getting you to mull things. By the time we arrived, decision had been made, no chargers. And thank gawd we didn’t as the six we got at Artimede rang in at $160 (with tax included). Damn, I cannot tell you how much I love deals like that! Woohoo!

They are Italian, manufactured by IVV, hand-blown with a thin platinum edge and go perfectly with the Noritake platinum ‘crestwood’ china. ANYways, our dinner was lovely. Started with some Veuve Clicquot which may once again be in line to replace our usual house champagne Pommery. Veuve has a more pronounced harshness (read: dry, in a good way) to it with an earthy, brioche smell and excellent bubbles. I won’t bore you with the details of dinner or the various gifts we exchanged, but it was a lovely night and G and I were in bed by 9pm! Gawd, imagine.

G will house-sit while I make the trek to London for a too-short but busy visit with the various family units still hanging out in and around that lovely city.

Merry Ho Ho till my return!

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