What You Giving Up For Lent?

Blee brought up this subject last night after the show. She has challenged me to give up … Trash TV! …. OMG! Defined as any ‘reality-type show’ that would mean no American Idol; no Project Runway; no Survivor; no Apprentice …. but 24, Prison Break and Lost could remain.
OMG! No trash TV?! … Like what would I do for 40 days? … Knit? Masturbate? Pray? ….
I ain’t even Catholic! Shss, I’ve enough guilt in my life.
… But it is do-able … I think. I did give up coffee last year (OMG!) and year before that junk food (oh, how I missed salt and vinegar chips during those 40 days).
Okay, Blee, I’ll take on that challenge. No trash TV.
What you giving up for Lent? ….


Wednesday’s tidbits:
1. Livedoor – Interesting news about Livedoor eh?! … ah the lives of Japanese businessmen with greed on their minds.
2. “Tagging” – The Wall Street Journal had an interesting article “The Next Big Thing In Searching” Tuesday about this growing phenomenon. The question being: why search (using Google) or setup favourites (using your own PC) when you can tag? This is a good question. Try Wink, which is testing in beta at the moment.
3. Holt Renfrew – oh gawd, just what I need, my least favourite store in the world is expanding! Taking over the 16,000 sq ft formerly owned by Eddie Bauer.
4. Le Select Bistro – on restaurant news, what’s with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario? Le Select has the BEST wine cellar in the City. Twelve thousand bottles. They recently moved house and are now battling with AGCO about the liquor license and those 12,000 bottles. Boos to AGCO in this battle and yaaaas to the LCBO for trying to help out. Read the article here
5. The Bohemian – staying with the National Post a while longer, what’s your thoughts on this? … a condo going up on King, east of Sherbourne, being marketed for gays and lezs-be-friends. Turns me right off frankly. Why? Three words: way too gay.
6. American Idol – so GLAAD is petitioning the producers of American Idol for a summit meeting to discuss the increasing homophobic nature of Simon and Randy after their treatment of a couple of contestants last Tuesday. You probably saw the episode. Simon telling one effeminate candidate to “shave off your beard and wear a dress”. Com’on … isn’t that the purpose of these early shows? 
Wednesday’s Zen place: Westminster Park Baptist Church
Ah, the FREE Wednesday afternoon 12:30-12:55 organ concerts have restarted. So most Wednesdays you’ll know where to find me; pew 145. Well, not next Wednesday, I have media training that day. Course, organ music ain’t for everyone. I’ve been addicted every since my first time in Paris … sitting on the steps of Sacre-Coeur watching the sun going down on Paris with the organ spilling music out <sigh>.

1) The organ is hidden behind that curtain; 2) stained glass window
I’m like the youngest person there. The rest of the folks are either 1) bald or 2) wrinkly … and more often than not, a combination of the two. Most seem to be old guys that look like Santa Claus.
Wednesday’s food: Afternoon High Tea

I hosted a couple direct reports for a “resolution lunch” yesterday. It was good fun and nice to build some of the team away from the politics of the office. Lunch was an English High Tea, complete with:

  • strawberries & blackberries with Devon cream;

  • warm raisin scones with marmalade and more Devon cream;
  • three types of finger sandwiches: carrot/ginger on sweet and sour rye; rare roast beef with honey mango mustard on pumpernickel; and the traditional organic watercrest and cucumber with cream cheese on spelt bread
  • a selection of petit fors

1) the sandwiches; 2) Brent with the ladies

Tea selections were the Tea Emporium’s wonderful Rose Conjou Emperor and Twinings Earl Grey.

A Homophobic Harper MINORITY Government
So <yawn> a Homophobic Harper minority government. Perspective check: at dissolution of Parliament, the Liberals held 133 seats. Homophobic Harper’s government has 124. What’s all the excitement about? The Conservatives have no natural allies in the new Parliament. They campaigned on a radical platform that requires a majority to champion. They must now govern on a issue-by-issue basis with fewer seats than the previous government.
The situation is unworkable unless some new spirit of cooperation springs to life within the House. And I wouldn’t place bets on that. If Homophobic Harper lasts a year, he’ll be lucky.
In the end, we’re the losers for it will be back to the polls again. So what is the answer? … until we (as a country) solve the Quebec question, we truly are doomed to minority governments ad infinitum.

We went to see this last night as part of our Mirvish subscription which is btw the BEST entertainment deal in the City. For $140 you get 6 shows/year. Course, you do have to sit way up here …..
…. in nose bleed country.
Anyway, this little spoof on the music of the 1920s was fun with, granted, the most flimsy wee thread of a storyline ever created.

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