Things That Make You Go Hmmmmmm…..

: Pope Benedict’s encylcial
Two quick points on
this one.
1. How does a
celibate guy – who knows little of what sexual love is let alone how to live
it – fire off a long-winded ‘ode to love’ and expect us to take it seriously?
When he says, “Man has a natural desire to love”, shouldn’t he be
qualifying that by saying … but not if you’re a gay man? I would love
to meet the Pope
and ask him, “Benedict, who taught you to
Thursday’s other
: The Next Greatest Prime
Okay, stop the
<pause> Brent
eats his words of a post earlier on regarding hitting rock bottom vis-a-vis
trash tv.
This disaster in the
making started out sanely enough as an essay contest and prize with big dollars
sponsored by none other than Belinda’s daddy, Frank Stronach. Last year’s
winner, Ashleigh Androsoff, wrote an engaging treatise entitled “Setting New Standards for Canadian Achievement: Responsible
Stewardship and Long-Term Sustainability”. <yawn> …. she makes some good
points in this 11-page Canada is Great! dialogue, especially her concept of
moving healthcare resources to a prevention model.
However, moving
these way-too-brainy-for-their-own-good kids on to a reality tv show, with
dimwit Seamus O’Regan hosting, is just asking for it. I suspect it’ll be
entertaining if only to watch Seamus try to comprehend what these kids are
The show’s judging
panel is comprised of former PMs:
Kim Campbell, Joe Clark, Brian Mulroney and John
I’m at a loss for
Premiers Feb 4th on

Thursday’s food:
Spicy Green Beans
Made these last
night with thanks to Rob Feenie.
1 cup green beans,
4 tsp garlic,
2 tsp sunflower
2 tsp sambal oelek
(or to taste … the recipe actually called for 5 tsp!)
4 tsp anchovies,
salt and fresh
ground white pepper
Blanch (I
steamed) the green beans and plunge in ice water.
In a large fry pan,
add oil, garlic and anchovies and pan fry 2mins.
Add green beans and
sambal oelek and pan fry another 3mins or so.
Salt and pepper to
taste and serve!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Pope Benedict is just a bigot.

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