Decorating Do’s

Like I know anything about this! … well, okay, there may be a couple loose gay genes at work here, though G’s more the miracle worker. But here’s some advice:
  • start decorating by choosing two or three ‘highend’ pieces, quality pieces you love and will prove timeless (for us it was the Barcelona chairs and my folks 1962 solid teak sideboard)
  • try to have a ‘statement’ piece (the Ikea shelving unit is this for me, it divides the room and makes a hallway to the bedroom, it stands out)
  • build around these pieces using bargain finds from Ikea, Caban, EQ3, etc or better, do it yourself (we made the coffee table, the bedroom headboard, the art [yes the art], and the dinningroom hanging lamp ourselves).
  • NEVER buy anything full price! Wait for sales and get to know some build/design friends and use the discounting power they have being in the business.
  • think organic and incorporate different textures.
  • be bold in colour selection (unless you’re after that zen feel); I knew I wanted Gucci brown on the walls.
  • and remember, the key to all good design is lighting, lighting, lighting.

1) the livingroom


2) hallway to front door; 3) hallway to bedroom;

4) dinning room;  5) bedroom

G and I would be happy to provide advice if you’re stuck. We have done that for folks before. Price?: we work for Champagne hehehe

Oscar Dinner mullings
The Oscars are Sun, March 5th but I was mulling some possible dishes to serve if we host the Oscar Dinner again this year. I posted on last year’s dinner earlier. Essentially the idea is you prepare a dinner from appetizer thru dessert incorporating a course for each Oscar-nominated movie. Here’s some options for one movie likely to be nominated:
Movie                         Conservative option            Edgy option                Over the top option
Brokeback Mountain    Porkback Mountain Ribs    Lamb Two Ways         Lamb with Cream Sauce
Lamb with Cream Sauce! … hehe … how rude! Get it?
You Know You’re Bored When …
… you start taking pictures of your workstation and it’s collected knickknacks …. and see my window? I joke my office is like a prison cell, I have a small window that looks out onto a brick wall.
It’s Friday and I don’t want to work. I’m off Monday and Tuesday as part of Chinese New Year/my Birthday/our Anniversary festivities, so I’m just killing time.
On this note, I bought G two cards but I can’t remember what they are. Was it a birthday card and anniversary card? Or was it anniversary and Valentine’s Day card? I can’t remember because I also can’t remember what I did with them?! Last night I went on a search and destroy mission in the house to find them – with G sitting there – but with no success. Today I hunted through my office; again fruitless. I know what’s going to happen here. I’m going out to buy more cards. Argghh!
Can you say early-onset Alzheimer’s …

1) my rather organized workstation (look at all the books I read!); 2) my troll (we’ve been through a lot together over the years); 3) a little chick that sits on my monitor (sent from Germany from one of our former employees)
On the book thing, see the Pommery box on the floor (from home hehe) and the two banker boxes? Those I’m donating and are going to China as part of the Library Dream Project. Check it out here.

Friday’s thing-that-makes-you-go-hmmmmmm: Aircraft Designer
There was a commercial on Canada AM this morning advertising certificates you can obtain via correspondence learning. One was ‘aircraft designer’. Now, maybe it’s just me but would you want your aircraft designed by someone who obtained their expertise via correspondence?
Friday’s obsession: Michelle Yeoh
Right, it’s Michelle Yeoh vs. Gong Li. I’m not bringing Ziyi Zhang into the mix, it’ll just complicate things.
Back a few posts ago I spoke about Memoirs of a Geisha and how it was my favourite movie this year. I also said I thought Michelle Yeoh stole every scene she was in. I will also admit publicly I find Michelle Yeoh, like, drop-dead gorgeous (with the caveat this is coming from a gay guy so what do I know?!).
The question: Who did you prefer more in the movie? … and more importantly who is more beautiful.
Blatant bribe: Bonus eprops to anyone who votes for Michelle :)
1) Michelle Yeoh; 2) Gong Li
Friday’s food: Elizabeth’s Home Cooking
G and I try to meet for lunch every Friday in the ‘hood. We often eat at this little hole in the wall on Yonge at Belsize. The schnitzel here is the best in the City. See!
1) handmade by Elizabeth’s mom herself! Yummy!
Best of all, afterwards we visited LCBO Davisville and bought Champagne! Woohoo! A Perrier Jouet Grand Brut. Tasting notes here. We shall see!

Kung Hei Fat Chow

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  1. vsan79 says:

    Damn you got taste. I love how you decorate your place. Look like magazine.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi – not sure how you found my xanga but thanks for the comments! I love the stuff at EQ3, Ikea has nice designs but I worry about the quality. Caban – neat stuff, just have to wait for the sales. Thanks for the tips – and your place is very nice.

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