Preparing for Oscar …

We spent the weekend doing some preparation for the next G7 Oscar Dinner in two weeks time.

You will hear me prattle on about this for the next couple weeks. Essentially, what you do is host a dinner party where each course is inspired by the five Best Picture nominated movies. This year:

  • Crash

  • Good Night and Good Luck

  • Munich

  • Brokeback Mountain

  • Capote
This is the second year we’ve hosted this dinner. Last year’s menu is below.

click to enlarge it so you can read it!

So, Saturday, after dim sum at Bright Pearl, we wandered Chinatown and Kensington Market getting ingredients for the home-made duck consomme we wanted to make for one of the five dishes.

1) dim sum at Bright Pearl; 2) in Kensington Market; 3) Blee stops to shop!

4) stopping at Giant Empanada; 5) oh the aisles at Tap Phong; 6) looking for plates

We stopped in Tap Phong after buying ingredients to search for moulds and a certain dish we want to buy to serve one of the courses in. Damn, no luck. So it’s home to prepare the duck stock which we’ll eventually turn into duck consomme. Quick trivia question for you foodies: What is the difference between duck stock and duck consomme?

And bet you know which is freaking harder to make? Yeps, the consomme. Essentially takes two days. Here’s some pictures of the process from stock to consomme over the Saturday evening to Sunday at noon process. The result after 12 long hours? … a consomme so utterly duck-like, smooth, clear, and to-die-for favourable, it’s hard to properly describe.

1) the Peking duck becomes stock; 2) the half-pound of fat skimmed off (which will be used to make duck confit next week); 3) the ‘raft’ begins to form

4) the hole in the raft begins; 5) ladling the sweet consomme for straining; 6) the remnants of the raft (ick!)

The result being:

1) OMG! the perfect duck consomme

To celebrate after the successful stock making, we prepared a prime rib roast for dinner AND Alaskan King Crab Legs.

1) cook’s tip: always have faith in your meat thermometer

To celebrate the successful consomme, we prepare a banana split sundae! Yummy!

Sunday’s most over-hyped show: Body Works 2 at the Ontario Science Centre

We saw this ‘show’ on Friday evening and I can best sum up the exhibit by saying this: once you’ve seen one plastinated body, you’ve seen them all.


Utter waste of time and money. There was no underlying theme to the show that I could see. The poor buggers who donated their bodies had been placed without rhyme or reason in the hall … meaning: I could see no building concept let alone any continuity to the exhibit. The bizarre (bordering on sick) slicing and dicing Hagen has put the cadavers through doesn’t particularly enlighten us either to the human condition, the human body, or our existence here. Hmmmm… and I wonder if like the human cadavers, the poor horse and camel on display also willingly donated their bodies to this mad ‘scientist’. One show to absolutely avoid!

Sunday’s movie: 2046

Actually watched Saturday night after dinner and successful stock making. What can you say about Wong Kar Wai’s film? Visually stunning; mesmerizing; absolutely brilliant. Each frame is meticulous, ripe, perfect. Truly, along with
Hayao Miyazaki, there are no two more brilliant directors working today.

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6 Responses to Preparing for Oscar …

  1. Anonymous says:

    The Bodies exhibit here in New York wasn’t one of Hagen’s Body Worlds exhibits. It was put together by another company and organized by rooms, each with its own theme, explaining different systems of the body, and littered with fun and interesting facts. I guess the only thing it had in common with Hagen’s exhibit was the use of plastination. Sounds like I won’t need to check out any of the Body Worlds exhibits to compare.

  2. cute site.. happy valentines day!! props for u…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I went through Body Works in 15min…it was BORING!

  4. Anonymous says:

    ryc – it wasn’t Bright Pearl but after reading your entry, I shop and eat at the same places you do. I’ve never tried duck consomme – I’ll have to find a recipe for that. Gee – you guys really take your food seriously.

  5. abcyeung says:

    Can’t understand 2046, only think the picture is nice for that film. Sound cool for the Bodywork show, I better look for someone go with me to check it out.

  6. Len_Q says:

    RYC-Irshad Manji eh? I really want to hear her speak. But fainting, wow. I guess anything can happen.

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