Valentine’s Day

So, I’m reading the National Post this morning … and G mentions the Valentine’s Day greetings in the Arts & Life section (first hint). I glance over and see the half page of greetings. Fine, fine.

Then he mentions there’s an inter-racial couple’s picture in the greetings so I have a look (second hint). Fine, fine.

Then I sit down for breakfast and he comes over and has folded the Arts & Life section with the Valentine’s Day greetings facing up and he puts it off to my right (third hint). So I finish reading the front section and actually grab the Arts & Life section as I start my toast. I read pretty much everything but only kind of skim the Valentine’s Day greetings.


Then G, exasperated, finally plays ‘hot and cold’ regarding my Valentine’s Day card and leads me back to the blessed paper I’ve now looked at three times.

…. Where I find this cute greeting (see below).

I’m such an idiot; and obviously dense as toast and about as romantic as a snail. But darn, I’m lucky to have such a great guy :) And we’ll have this little (mis)adventure to remember hehe.

1) from today’s National Post, Arts & Life section

Tuesday’s food: Peking duck pasta
Oh so yummy. I made this last night with the leftover peking duck and the oh-so-wonderful duck

Tuesday’s drink: A Sweet Kiss

With thanks to Blee, celebrity mixologist Fabien Maillard of Mixoart suggests for tonight’s festivities:

4 – 6 fresh strawberries
5 – 8 mint leaves
Juice of ¼ Lime
½ teaspoon of simple syrup (Mix 2 tspns white sugar with 1 tspn boiling water)
1 ½ oz vodka
½ oz strawberry liqueur

In a mixing glass, crush together the mint, strawberries, lime juice, and syrup. Now add the vodka, strawberry liqueur and a few ice cubes. Cover, shake, and pour into a martini glass. Garnish with a strawberry and mint leaf.

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13 Responses to Valentine’s Day

  1. Anonymous says:

    what a sweet gesture!

  2. jasonbasin says:

    what a clever and supersweet thing to do!  That peking duck pasta sounds delicious!  I’d kill for peking duck right this second.

  3. RYC:  Hehe.  Well, no words are necessary. 

  4. FlipBoyTO says:

    That Sweet Kiss drink looks mighty tastey. I’m havin’ some friends over on Saturday, perhaps I can serve them this lovely concoction. (Teehee I said “coc”.)
    Happy [belated] Valentines. Your hunny rocks!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Very very nice.

  6. YNOTswim says:

    Peking duck in pasta? :) never thought about that… it must be Italian duck when it travels into the pasta. :)

  7. Hey I haven’t heard from you in awhile.  I hope everything is ok.  Is it?Anyways, I wanted to wish you Happy V-day even though I’m a guy and guys shouldn’t do that.  But enjoy.

  8. willariah says:

    happy valentine’s day my friend:) how did u ever have any leftover duck?? i usually finish it all.. i love minced duck meat wrapped in lettuce – sometimes a course with peking duck. what a cute little cut-out. :)

  9. Len_Q says:

    The martini looks yummy! Happy Valentine’s Day

  10. G sounds totally awesome!!!! =]hm… that give me an idea of what i should do for next years valentines…and the…sweet kiss sounds really yummy… =] YUMMAY

  11. Anonymous says:

    Nice story – lol. The salad looks yummy. G sounds like a romantic kinda guy. My bf complains I don’t have an ounce (sorry – gram) of romance in my body. So I guess you and I have something in common.

  12. casparism says:

    i truly think  v-day is the worst idea on the earth!
    sorry! i forgot that u r not single actually!
    haha,, anywayz,, hope everyday is a v-day for ya!

  13. abcyeung says:

    That’s very sweet…grad you have such a wonderful bf, now I feel sorry to my bf, coz I didn’t do any SUPER sweet things to him this year. I think I need to learn from you guys too. Happy Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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