Art Gallery of Ontario

I like visiting D cause it usually results in a cool, behind the scenes tour of the AGO. Early this afternoon, after an unsuccessful venture to Dinetz’s looking for plates G and I are really keen on for the Oscar dinner next week, Lady Sarah and I headed to the Art Gallery of Ontario for a coffee with D.

The AGO is presently undergoing a multi-million dollar transformation with Frank Gehry at the helm. He was on-site yesterday as an exhibition on his art and architecture opens to the public Saturday. Lady Sarah and I got a tour of this show this afternoon. But first a couple pictures of the renovations.

1) the facade along Dundas Str W; 2) the ‘old’ entrance

Before touring the Gehry exhibit, D took us through the Henry Moore Gallery which has sculptures not from his studio but real ones he actually touched and worked on. Very cool!

1, 2  & 3) in the Henry Moore Gallery

From Henry we headed through to see Gehry’s exhibit. Sorry, no pictures here, not allowed. However, I would recommend a visit if only to see how Gehry’s mind (and his studio) work. They have large models of his MIT building, the DP Bank in Berlin, the park in Chicago and of course the Walt Disney Hall.

The last hall contains the model of Gehry’s renovated AGO. It will be interesting to see what we actually get once the building code guys at the City get through with the plans! I also think the poor Grange Building is the loser in this …. but we’ll have to see once construction is complete.

Before heading to the now rejigged Agora (now known as AGO Cafe), we got to peek behind the scenes as the crews went about setting up the David Milne exhibit (set to open Feb 25). Milne was a contemporary of the Group of Seven but refused to join them. Hmmmm, interesting.

Wonderful cafe au lait followed in Cafe AGO which Chef Anne has re-decorated using stuff from – shock, horror – Ikea. Can you spot the Ikea here?….

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5 Responses to Art Gallery of Ontario

  1. YNOTswim says:

    I should have cut my Remington visit to go to AGO. :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    HAHAHA…I have been living in Toronto for 19 years and I still have never been to the AGO.

  3. abcyeung says:

    Never in AGO, it is always a place I want to go for a long time, but never have chance could go with my bf..coz he is not very like go to art place..

  4. willariah says:

    aww thanks for sharing. i haven’t been to the AGO in ages! i’ve seen the projected plans for the building and it looks so chi-chi… loves it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    ryc – I had no idea what Frette was, now I know – gotta get it! drool…

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