Before the weekend could start, I had to wait around for a 5pm meeting with a group of engineers. Imagine, setting a meeting up for a 5pm on a Friday?!* … and they arrived late! Gugh!

Anyhow, that done, I was certainly ready for a drink and luckily we were invited to Lady Sarah’s for dinner and poker. It was a super night with lots of good food, friends and fun. Lady Sarah and Geoff made chicken with a Dijon sauce; a fabutastic salad; and this totally unique sweet potato and blue cheese casserole; dessert was nutella with lots of fruit to dip in it.

1) the fruit tray; 2) Molly; 3) Max

4) Model JoJo prepares; 5) “Okay, who left the paper on the toilet?”; 6) the games begin!

G ended up the big winner in roulette by playing everything on black 35 and winning! Eight hundred something dollars lucky bugger! Now Lady Sarah and Model JoJo know how to party and – truth be told – G and I left Rosedale a wee bit tipsy and fell into bed at 3:00 blessed AM.

Saturday’s show: The Innocent Eye Test
At the Royal Alexandria Theatre and based on Tansey’s famous painting (see below).


Sorry, I just did not get this farce at all?! Granted there was totally gratuitous full frontal male nudity in it (bonus!) but the show itself, horrible. Avoid!

You’d have to look waaaay up to see us at the Alex

The Final Four

And the winners are UCLA and Florida. The Florida game was good; the Bruins game (yawn) boring. My prediction is UCLA over Florida in one OT.

To celebrate the Final Four we always host a ‘wing night’ where we prepare real french pommes frites (with yummy cajun mustard mayo) and real buffalo chicken wings (with blue cheese dipping sauce of course). We try to limit this annual adventure to once/year simply because of the fat involved. We deep fry everything ourselves out on the balcony. Again, this year, it was super yummy! Warning: clicking on these pictures could be dangerous to your health (well, not the salad one though).

1) creole mustard mayo; 2) oh-my-gawd yummy pommes frites; 3) strawberry/spinach salad

4) real buffalo chicken wings made with Frank’s, of course

We served a delicious “Toasted Head” Cab Sav with these (highly recommended) and Condo Queen Katherine brought (loving sigh from me and she as Britons) “Boddingtons” Pub Ale Beer.

A Visit to Casa Loma

I left home this morning to a chorus of “Deserter! Deserter!” from G and headed to a rendezvous with Tennis Star Suzie at Casa Loma at noon. However, she is swamped with work so I ended up seeing Toronto’s famous castle stag. Believe it or not, I’ve never been in all my years and was glad I finally got to see this beautiful private home. Here’s some pictures from my visit.

1) the rear of Casa Loma; 2) at the entrance; 3) the Great Hall with it’s 60 foot ceiling
4) Lady Pellatt (founded Girl Guides in Canada); 5) Sir Henry’s shower c. 1911; 6) the Pellatt Boardroom
(which you too can rent)
7) the Library; 8) the Conservatory; 9) Sir Henry’s bedroom

10) Lady’s Pellat’s sitting room; 11) the view from the top was different in 1911 I bet; 12) looking west
13) Spadina House Museum (across the street) … my next visit … and one of Canada’s Top Five Historical Home Museums (or so the sign says)


From Casa Loma I walked down to the HotDocs box office in Sonic Records on Bloor (at Bathurst) and bought my festival pass. Woohoo! I will be seeing:

  • Mozartballs;
  • Eye on the Guy/In a Perfect World;
  • Raised to be Heroes/They Chose China;
  • Abduction: The Megumi Yokata Story (with thanks to YNOTswim!)
  • The Last Communist;
  • Mystic Ball; and,
  • Fata Morgana.

And maybe a few more … he he he … again, if you’re interested in any of these, shout or email and you can join me and/or G.

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  1. Len_Q says:

    I used to live 10 minutes from Casa Loma, but not once did I visit. But now that I live in the booneys (Markham), I wanna go visit. Ironic isn’t it, we appreciate what we have once we’ve lost it.

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. thank you =]you’re awesome

  4. Fatcat723 says:

    Great weekend and good photos and ideas – EXCEPT THE GATORS WILL TAKE THE TITLE –remember I am from Florida. Party tonight at brother-in-law’s place. He got his degress there.

  5. orchidgrass says:

    oh i don’t know there’re lego-like castles in toronto

  6. kunhuo42 says:

    hey, what’s wrong with engineers?  hmm…  i’ve had to sit through friday meetings that started at 5 before.  and actually, a couple of semesters ago someone thought it was a good idea to hold a quiz section for one of my classes on friday at 5 (which meant we took our midterms during that time slot).  i’m not sure who thought that friday afternoon was a good idea for either midterms or meetings though…

  7. m3galomaniac says:

    Molly and Max are cute too!! think they’ll gobble Cola up..and beautiful castle..

  8. Anonymous says:

    Fun weekend!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Cute cats! although last time I visited a friend, her cat attacked me! OUCH!
    The food looks REALLY nice, or maybe I’m just hungry. I should go and get my lunch now! hahah..

  10. bennykan says:

    I love your roulette game set! Where can I get that?

  11. Anonymous says:

    ooh, full frontal nudity? reeally? : ) i like nutella but iv never had it as dessert with fruit. do you melt the nutella first so its thinner? cos its so thick, i wonder how fruit gets dipped in it at all.

  12. although the games and the museums were awesome. I LOVED THE FOOD THE BEST! hahathe cajun mayonasse doesn’t seem THAT appetizing though..

  13. tomatoboi says:

    interesting comment.. lol thanks
    oooohhh~ i’d like to go to casa loma, looks so nice~!! ^^

  14. full frontal male nudity!  yum! 

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