Lord of the Rings: The Review

I have just returned from seeing the musical stage-version of The Lord of the Rings at the Princess of Wales Theatre here in Toronto.

As a start, let me say I am not a theatre critic (though, granted I do see a lot of theatre), so do take this with a grain of salt. Secondly, I can best sum up my feelings on this production by noting I left at the 2nd intermission. Blee, G and Laura all stayed to the bitter end.

a blurry dark picture of the stage as you enter the theatre

Okay, first the good:

  • this production had – hands down – the most extravagant set and lighting I’ve ever seen. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. The circular stage is jigsawed and does all sorts of fascinating things.
And …. well, that would be about it.

Now, the less than good:

  • the songs I stayed to see had no connection to what was happening in the story or on the stage (the exception being the Prancing Pony song in Act 1 which was just perfect: great staging, good song, tied to what was happening);

  • the songs, on the whole, are either bad New Age-music pieces or bad Enya ones;

  • as to staging… if your idea of good theatre is watching people run around and around, go! You’ll love this show. Now, I know they are on a quest and all but that got a little tiresome about 1/4 of the way through;

  • poor singers! Com’on folks, if you’re going to mount a musical production of LOTR, please – at a minimum – have performers who can sing! Enough said on that point I think; and,

  • finally, I don’t know, I just found it soooooooooo boring to watch. Maybe because we’re all so familiar with the story now?
So, worth seeing? No, not at full price. I only paid $40 and feel I got $40 worth of entertainment. I suspect, also, as the show evolves they will continue to work out the glitches. Go in a year or so when it’s humming along.

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19 Responses to Lord of the Rings: The Review

  1. one hung low?!O_O!wouldn’t they get like…scared XD

  2. mattfifer says:

    dear brent – thank you for the link to your entry about LP.  what an feat!  congratulations on finishing.  i am not very experienced in triathlon, I did the bulk of my racing in 99-01 and it was mostly sprint/olympic distance.  in 2000 i was part of the university of laval’s triathlon team in quebec city, and that was a blast!  i would love to talk to you more about your ironman experience, and your preparation for it.  thanks again for writing.  enjoy your long weekend :)  matt

  3. Fatcat723 says:

    I expected that to be true with the musical. Maybe as you say in a few years it will be fine if indeed it lasts.
    RYC: S did you follow the rest of the instruction in the posting!!?!?!?!?

  4. swimmers in toronto have blue hair? huh?

  5. ryc2:  !!!!!!!!!  very funny!  ok, on second glance, he isn’t that great.

  6. ryc:  hahaha!  well, i got a new entry up

  7. mattfifer says:

    ryc:  wow!  did u do ironman canada?  how was it??

  8. ryc :: Hahaha! Emmm. What can I say? I’ve been praying for holidays =P.

  9. mattfifer says:

    hey there :) are you doing any races this summer?  i haven’t really thought about it yet, but would like to do a couple sprints….i’ll be writing my thesis this summer and won’t have much time to race… :( but just thought i’d ask anyway!  :)

  10. Anonymous says:

    wow if the movie was just like the staged musical, just imagine how peter jackson would have been slammed!

  11. I’ve heard many similar comments re LOTR: “amazing production, nice sets but kinda boring and too long”.

  12. I love your last bullet point.  “soooooooooo boring to watch”! 

  13. kunhuo42 says:

    hmm…. that’s a little disappointing.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hmm… thanks for the warning.

  15. 40 bucks is pretty good for a play i think but iono bout lotr cus i’ve never seen it. hehe. well i have but i fell asleep.

  16. abcyeung says:

    OMG…you went to see Lord of the Ring..?? is it very good?? I want to go too. why don’t you bring me….???

  17. Lee_Xiayou says:

    Ewww…Hope it doesnt make to broadway. It wont last anyways. Circular moving stage? Can we say Les Mis…

  18. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Bennykan, if it ever comes to China, (believe it or not, LOTR movies are big in China) I’d be curious to see what it is like on stage as a musical. I don’t think they are aiming for a Tony though.

  19. bennykan says:

    Well can’t ask for too much for $40 bucks. I would be curious enough to check it out. RYC: I will keep your comment made from yesterday a secret so G will not know :P

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