The Tip of My Left Pinky

Right, so happy (yawn) Pride everyone!

Another year, another silly spectacle of gaydom’s wild and wacky filling the street. I just don’t know about Pride. I mean, I’m out to any and everyone I know: work, friends, family, strangers even. But it’s just such a non-issue to me, really.

  • Does it mean I won’t go down to Church Str to honour the men and women who paved the path before me? No.
  • Does it mean I don’t believe Pride provides an outlet for up-and-coming gay folk to feel accepted? No.
  • Does it mean I won’t attend the farce of a parade that reinforces stereotypes, does more harm than good for the gay cause and fails to represent me as a small ‘c’ conservative male? Yes.
  • Does it mean I thoroughly detest the sad gym bunny culture, ripe with its steroid-riddled, self-obsessed, clubbing lads and frozen-in-time 70s men wandering the streets in chaps? Hell yes!
  • Does it mean I believe our cause is better served by integrating into mainstream one person at a time rather than continuing to wail that we’re a special population? Yes.
  • Does it mean I turn a blind eye to the continued harassment we receive and incidents of gay-bashing that (sadly) still occurs? Damn no! And anyone who thinks this doesn’t know me very well!

In the end, I see it this way: the fact I am gay represents the tip of my left pinky finger in terms of the whole person I am …. there is just sooooooooo much more to me than who I happen to sleep with. Yet, seems everyone wants to make the tip of my left pinky EVERYTHING about me. Well, it’s not. Being gay is way down on my list of self-definers: well after son, brother, uncle, lover, friend, humanitarian, triathlete, chef, writer, quality manager … then, maybe, gay man.

(rolls eyes)

Anyway, G and I did wander down to Church on Saturday to meet up with D&D for our annual Pride brunch, which was good fun as always. D2 is a brilliant artist and I hope to have a few of her originals in my collection one day! After brunch G and I wandered up Church to see the sites (i.e., HALs [hot asian lads] for me; HWGs [hot white guys] for G).

1) D&D; 2) Church Street festivities

The Four Season’s Centre for the Performing Arts
With our (yawn) Pride duties out of the way for another year, we headed over to the new Opera House that Jack Diamond built at Queen and University to take a tour.

The new building is gorgeous! OMG! … I can hardly wait to land another role and get on that stage! The craftsmanship in the main hall is beautiful – lots of natural wood, individual a/c and heating for each seat, perfect sightlines for each of the 2000 seats, stunning Venetian plastering. It is like WOW!

Saturday night we attended a fabulous bbq at our friends, B&G’s. Both Tennis Star Suzie and G&S were also in attendance. The boys did a super job and put on a scrumptious party. It was lovely sitting on the patio watching the stars pop out and the lights throughout the city come on.

1) G&S go for the appetizers; 2) nighttime arrives; 3) Tennis Star Suzie  

Sunday’s food: roasted red and orange pepper soup
You’ll remember I made this last week in preparation for my parents arrival. We served it on Wednesday night and it was so yummy!

red pepper soup

Sunday’s adventure: Toronto Island Dragon Boating
I zipped across to Centre Island today to watch the dragon boat races.

1) take your mark; 2) GO!; 3) the finishline

4) Toronto from the Island dock; 5) my oh-so-pretty City

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13 Responses to The Tip of My Left Pinky

  1. At least the tip of your left pinkie is PINK.  hahaha…
    I wanted to see the Ring Cycle but the tickets are too expensive.
    Dragon boaters are hot. 

  2. Anonymous says:

    The dragon race looks fun. You’ll be on it soon! :)

  3. willariah says:

    pride was such a non-event this year for me :( but yes, i still cannot resist checking it out. soup looks gr8:)

  4. Anonymous says:

    thanks for your reply on “coming out”. that was pretty astute. i didn’t see it that way.

  5. brooklyn2028 says:

    RYC: Love your comment about having my dinner versus going to Pride. I really think there is room for both. ^_^Despite the fact that I agree with your post for the most part I have to say that I had the best pride ever. Maybe it was because instead of focusing on the half naked men out on the street it was more about celebrating with my friends. It’s not that I don’t celebrate with the at other times other than pride but it was just an opportunity to be extra festive. Cheers!

  6. Len_Q says:

    So did you see any “self-obsessed, steroid-riddled, sad gym bunny guys”? Personally I think that’s the best part. =)Yes, I’m juvenile! =þ

  7. Anonymous says:

    i get your point but actually im inclined to believe that being gay represents your entire finger or hand… but when compared to other fingers or hands belonging to someone else, there’s no difference. it’s like being asian, white or black. inside we’re all the same.

  8. wisebrain says:

    RYC, Sears Tower, Art Museum, Navy Pier

  9. Fatcat723 says:

    The Drun Cirle is a group of people who gather at sunset on Sundays. Anyone can bring any percussion instrument they wish and join in. The beat is steady and a lot of folks will dance around. Come to think if it – it does sound like a native ritual lol lol. Indeed there are some there high on the music and other things. It is a very friendly group – lot of relaxing. Kind of nice.

  10. enRoute says:

    OMG, there’s individual AC and heating for each seat at the Performing Centre?!? That’s pretty cool! Hmm, I wonder when will be my next visit there. =)Yes, Toronto is such a nice and pretty city! I’m proud of it! =)ryc: it’s the next provincial election! Woohoo!

  11. Fatcat723 says:

    Well put – I share the most of the sentiments you do about being gay. I am not as out as you are namely becasue I can loose my job for being gay. There is no law prohibiting dismissal based on sexual preferences. The opera house is beautiful and in good taste. I am sure the community will enjoy it.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I share most of your sentiments about being gay. I really agree with the idea of integrating within the community. I think that’s a far better way to educate and break down the barriers. Although I’m not naive enough to think that others will be so readily acceptable. The new opera house looks stunning. I’m planning to take my dad down there.

  13. I completely agree!  Being gay is only a small part of me!  I’m glad to hear that someone else agrees with me. 

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