Canada Day


Tomorrow is Canada’s 139th Birthday! Yay for us!

Canada Day also means, to me, the start of this year’s Tour de France … the first Tour de France with out Lance Armstrong.


News flash today however …  Ivan Basso, Jan Ullrich and Francisco Mancebo, the three outstanding favorites to win the Tour de France when it gets underway in Strasbourg, were sent home yesterday after their names were linked to a drugs syndicate in Spain.
OMG, the shock, the horror! … and the opportunity for someone!

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11 Responses to Canada Day

  1. 1) Caban! … orginally i thought UpCountry but #20 suggests caban, so i changed my answer.2) I’m tempted to say Spaha but not sure if they are still open3) Paramount4,5,6) looks like St Lawrence Market to me… (the weekend market).. mmm curry goat!7,8) could have been anywhere but the view to City Hall gives it away… it must be Sheraton Centre9) which makes this Osgoode Hall10, 11) City Hall12, 13) Nathan Phillips Square14, 15) Sheraton Centre16) OCAD17, 18) MEC??  hmmm…19) haha, ELTE Carpets20) Caban!.. omg, they are closing??? yikes… i wonder if anything good is left..21) mmm.. Lanson, i had a bottle of that for NYEve.. and another half bottle left in my fridge22) artichokes – i like em already prepared from the antipasti buffet, good luck cooking them

  2. Anonymous says:

    It would be a great race to watch if Lance isn’t retired. Say NO to drugs! 

  3. Anonymous says:

    that’s a beautiful picture of your flag. very superman! : )

  4. ryc: i’ve only read the first chapter or two of the Origin of Satan and so far it seems like her thesis hinges on the idea of satan developing within a community for labeling scapegoats and enemies of the majority. i don’t think i quite completely agree with it though; i’m more in favor of the jewish apocalyptic context.

  5. bennykan says:

    Happy Canada Day!

  6. riksimon says:

    Isn’t the “Tour de France” without Lance Armstrong now known as the “Tour sans Lance”? Have a great Canada Day! It is nice to have such a wonderful neighbor to the north and that we can combine our two great holidays for a looooong weekend!

  7. ahchung85 says:

    *nod* starbucks is fun! Way fun!

  8. enRoute says:


  9. mattfifer says:

    I’m glad the big names are now known as cheaters — hopefully someone who trained w/o drugs will win.
    Happy CDN Day

  10. Fatcat723 says:

    Are you going to celebrate Canada’s Birthday –maybe bake a birthday cake!
    RYC: God Bless You!

  11. Happy Canada Day! 

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