Movie Premier Night Number 1

I did manage to stop by The Unicorn this afternoon to try number two of my “18 on Draught” Adventure. It was a Harp lager (now a division of the Guinness brewery family).


Afterwards G and I and Blee headed down to Paramount for the English Canada premier of “Bon Cop/Bad Cop“. On hand watching with us was stars, Rick Mercer and Patrick Huard (Colm Feore was on stage at Stratford tonight but sent a video greeting), Director Eric Caneul and Producer Kevin Tierney. This is a great film, built in the Lethal Weapon genre and with a decidedly Canadian angle (and murder mystery). Hilarious, perfectly acted, suspenseful (in a Silence of the Lambs sort of way) and with enough shooting and mayhem to make things interesting. Best of all … it’s truly Canadian!

My rating: 9 out of 10. 

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