Seafood Mania

Life’s just too busy. Not that I’m complaining; just stating. But my life is just too busy nowadays. 

ANYway, in between being busy with hordes and heaps work (gugh!) I did find time to make an oh-so-lovely sage-encrusted pork tenderloin with apple/onion mash on Thursday.

1) pan fry pork then roll in dijion and sage [that looks rude I know he he]; 2) pan fry onions/apples;
3) use as a bed for the pork and roast for 15 minutes at 350°

Friday night I hi-ho, hi-hoed with Blee down to Murphy’s Law for a Typhoons Dragon Boat team meeting. It was good fun and we’re already starting to plan our next season team and regattas. There’s a regatta in San Francisco that I’m pushing big time!

l-r) Coach Morgan; Coach Vince; Blee; me; Michelle; (another) Michelle; and Toothpick

Sang’s Great Seafood Restaurant 
On Saturday we bought a Cremant de Bordeaux Cuvee Royale sparkling wine from Vintages and headed to Blee’s for tasting! This was a superb find that I’d highly recommend you try to source and nab a half-a-dozen bottles of. Afterwards we headed to Chinatown for a seafood feast at Sang’s Great Seafood Restaurant. This was a great find and a great deal! For $39.26 the three of us chowed down on:

  • mussels with black bean sauce;
  • a green onion and ginger whole, steamed tilapia;
  • an entire Vancouver crab;
  • 3 spring rolls;
  • a platter of garlicky baby bok choy; and,
  • a platter of steamed shrimp with spicy soy.

What a deal!

4) Cremant de Bordeaux; 5) our seafood remnants; 6) Sangs!

Are Nine Pillows Too Many? …
In making the bed this morning I mulled whether or not having 9 pillows is 1) too many; and 2) too gay? … What do you think? …  By the way, G and I made that headboard ourselves!

Are 9 pillows too many? …

Hong Kong Bound
Oh, and G is going to Hong Kong and China for a few weeks at Christmas … Brent is sad because 1) we won’t xmas together this year, and, 2) I’ll miss him awful, and, 3) I’m jealous! Damn, don’t you just hate jealousy? I wanna go to Hong Kong and China. But, alas, when one starts a new position one cannot take a few weeks off. If any Xangans know of great places G must visit while in Hong Kong and China, give me an email please. And bon voyage G!

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17 Responses to Seafood Mania

  1. brooklyn2028 says:

    9 is slightly too many. :)G’s going to HK and China for Xmas! So am I!!!

  2. wayy too many, i think … hahaha… how many heads do you have??? 

  3. Arg, why do you always seem to be eating good food?!

  4. willariah says:

    re: OAC, no luck hun.  but thank u for all ur help with it!  c u saturday:)  coffee/tea time soon ok?

  5. riksimon says:

    Nine pillows is not too many. When you’re making love to G you never know where you might need them!

  6. abcyeung says:

    Your bed looks very comfortable…but 9 pillows seems too much…manif you want to go some gay club or bar in HK or China, you could go to to find information….

  7. willariah says:

    and 9 pillows is waayyyy too many!

  8. willariah says:

    where exactly is sang’s? nobody does seafood like the chinese, that’s for sure. re: hk, i’ll research the hot spots from my friends and get back to u :)

  9. Fatcat723 says:

    The food looks great. I do like the headboard too but too many pillows for me to get together before work in the morning.
    RYC: Well, I gotta to agree with you. I enjoy all the things you miss in Florida. I am down in Sarasota so I hope over to Siesta Key but hit St. Armand to shop!

  10. we experience sad things so that when we have a really great time, we could laugh more openheartedly…something like that =]my brother’s also going to hong kong near christmas time =] maybe without realizing it you will bump into him.You gotta show me where all the good restaurants are when i meet you =]And 9 pillows are like…yeah…overdoing it =]

  11. pisceanfood says:

    why aren’t u gg to china and hk too? and…your friend’s nickname is toothpick?

  12. Anonymous says:

    9 seems to be a bit too much but as long as it looks balanced, I think it’s fine. I love the colors and the headboard too. Perhaps one day you can write about how you made the headboard. I’m looking to do something similar (although not as tall).

  13. kunhuo42 says:

    ooh, that looks delicious! and yes, i think 9 pillows is a bit excessive hahaha

  14. Um…I am SOOOOOOOOO jealous of your living quarters…that looks like a fantastic room, something I only get to see in catalogues and stuff!  How is it so pristine?  And 9 pillows?!  That’s…is there even any room to sleep?  LOL.
    RYC:  No, you’re not blocked!  And cooties?  Oh come on, that’s so second-grade!

  15. enRoute says:

    $39~ for that meal is a very good deal~! And btw, I wanna go to HK too!!! I miss there… =(

  16. YNOTswim says:

    Yeah too many and too gay. :) I have five in this hotel room. ha ha

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