Last night I voted at the advance poll for the upcoming Provincial election. Election day is next Wednesday, October 10.


always feel so good after voting. It affirms my democratic spirit and
makes me think of the millions of folks worldwide who are unable to
access this human basic right (think of Myanmar and China to name but two). I
voted ahead of time to avoid the crowds and as I may be in London next

Ontarians will know we also have our first ever referendum to decide on
this election as well – whether to keep the existing
first-past-the-post electoral system or institute a new mixed member
proportional system. I would encourage undecided voters to first decline
their referendum ballot, or failing that, check off the option to keep
the existing system. I say that for a number of reasons: 

  • the mixed system would see us have another 29 new politicians added to the Legislature (we do not need more politicians!);

  • as Papa so rightly noted, we do not want to continue the
    Americanization of Canada by instituting a plethora of referendums (our
    government should not pass the buck, so to speak, to the people … we
    elect them to act on our behalf, they have the full power of the
    government to strike committees to investigate issues, conduct research, do polling, etc. and should use it to make decisions rather than shirk their responsibility);

  • referendums should not be used to decide important decisions where a
    simple majority wins (think of what could happeniof testy social issues
    were left to the simpleness that is a referendum – abortion, gay rights).

Regardless of your decision, or who you vote for … just make sure you get out and exercise your right!

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3 Responses to Vote!

  1. enRoute says:

    thank you for voting. =)

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    We forget it is a privilege and duty to vote – something which many people do not enjoy. An educated electorate is ideal. Hope people take time to research.

  3. I’m glad you voted and felt good about it :]I really think that people really should research into their possible future representatives and actually vote for someone they feel best represents them.All i could tihnk of though… was that this reminds me of Gov/Econ class =]

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