… and onwards to New Brunswick

1) the New Brunswick Legislature from our hotel window at the Lord Beaverbrook

From Quebec City we drove along the south shore of the mighty St. Lawrence River through gorgeous rolling hills and past pretty Quebec villages. The leaves were already changing in this part of the world, which was an added bonus. We stopped in Riviere de Loup, just on the Quebec/New Brunswick border and had brunch in a wee cafe, Bistro Cafe JoJo.

2) moi in the centre de ville in Riviere du Loup; 3) the St. Lawrence from the highest point in Riviere du Loup; 4) the beautiful scenery along the St. John River Valley

5) Bistro Chez JoJo; 6) Bienvenue a New Brunswick!

7) our room in the Lord Beaverbrook; and 8) it’s grand entrance hall

I should quickly relate a story about the last time I stayed at the Lord Beaverbrook. It was back in 1995 and I was touring the country interviewing instructors, programmers and municipal officials about a revision of the National Water Safety Program, which I was overseeing at the time. I was staying at the Lord Beaverbrook at the time, and, on this particular morning, was stopped by a very somber looking RCMP officer as I tried to exit the building. That morning some lunatic had started shooting folks outside the New Brunswick Legislative Building (immediately across the street from the hotel). One had stumbled into the foyer of the hotel (seen above) and collapsed on the floor. The RCMP officer said, “Hey, do you wanna get shot?”.

I looked perplexed at him and, of course, said “No.”

“There’s been a shooting outside and guests are asked to return to their rooms,” he advised.

And so I spent the remainder of the day on the phone to my boss in Ottawa explaining the situation and watching the Depeche Mode concert from Germany on tv.

What’s odd about this now is that I just googled this incident and could find no reference to it. Very strange as I know I did not dream it!

9 & 10) the St. John River waterfront in Fredericton

In Fredericton we ate at one of Wine Access‘s Top 100 Restaurants in Canada list – Brewbakers.  While this restaurant certainly had a stunning wine list, we both thought the food just ‘okay’. I suspect this place is the best restaurant in Fredericton, but Fredericton is not Toronto.

11) G’s drawing at Brewbakers of the St. Lawrence River

12 -14) our wine flight at Brewbakers

15) Brewbakers; 16) staff prepare our dinner

17) a very fun Bar/Barber shop in Fredericton; 18) the Lord Beaverbrook

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  1. Hmm, my brother said that the places he went to for wine tasting usually had okay food, because people didn’t care about what they ate as long as they were intoxicated? but ryc: …how do you suggest working without someone else who’s also a bottom

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    You have picked out all the beautiful spots in Canada. I need to visit there again.

  3. kunhuo42 says:

    hmm… yup, i will definitely have to spend some time exploring canada at some point.

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