A week that was…

Gosh life is busy! … here it is Sunday and, while I watch the NFL games, and take a breather, I look at the week that was.

Yesterday, G and I visited T&T Supermarket down on the Leslie Spit. T&T is a chinese supermarket built on the Loblaws/Dominion model (i.e., big!). They’ve plenty of great asian-inspired shopping and we opted for a Peking Duck Festival for Saturday night’s dinner.

Blee came over to join us in the festival and she (and I) drank too much of Pelee Island Winery’s Pinot Noir (which G and I picked up this summer while touring the island). It was uber-fabulous and I’d highly, highly recommend you try it if you can source a bottle. It is made with 100% pinot noir grapes grown right on Pelee Island.

1) the wine of choice Saturday night

2) the Peking duck (carved ably by myself); 3) the condiments (spring onion and cucumber)

4) the sauce – Hoisin; 5) building the dinner – first duck skin and duck on a wrapper

6) add the condiments and hoisin; 7) mmmmmmmm!

8) roll and chow-down!

Blee also graciously brought butternut squash soup … to-die-for … which we made totally heavenly with the addition of some Spanish Manchego cheese.

9) Blee’s wonderful squash soup

Afterwards, while Blee and I danced disco and sat fascinated by iFish, G kindly made peking duck broth (which ended up as consomme this morning) for a Veal Neptune recipe I’m keen to make with a crab mayonnaise.

This wonderful meal, fell on the heels of last Monday’s wonderful meal of sa-ho fan noodles with maple-glazed salmon and baby bok choy.

10) sa-ho fan, salmon and baby bok choy

Lady Sarah
On Tuesday, we met up with Lady Sarah and Jeff who are both freshly back from their adventure in Peru. It was great to hear about their travels up the mighty Amazon, their hike waaaaay up to Manchu Picchu and the highlight of their trip, traveling solo around the Galapagos Islands.

11) Lady Sarah and I at the Unicorn on Tuesday night

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5 Responses to A week that was…

  1. Fatcat723 says:

    Forget the game —send me the duck I love it. In fact I will have that tomorrow for supper – out of course.

  2. kunhuo42 says:

    wow, that looks great! mm… i haven’t had peking duck in a while…

  3. CurryPuffy says:

    OMG…that Peking duck meal looks so goood and authentic! I can’t wait to visit you guys!!ryc: I’m very grateful for the offer!!

  4. …i really want some of that peking duck wrap. :] It looks really good… Looks like you had a nice week. I still don’t know what you do for a living though x_x.But yeah, my background is really pink and…yeah. I only used it because it went with the song.

  5. ryc: yes, he was!
    and wow, that #10 looks DELICIOUS.

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