Out to the ‘burbs … again

1) kohlrabi, radish and carrot salad

I had a threesome over on Thursday last week from my old employer. One of these folks – Vere – was turning a significant milestone that started with the number 8 and, since she has been house-ridden for over a year now after a fall, we were keen to get her out. To celebrate I made a very colourful kohlrabi salad.

I have not worked with kohlrabi previously. It has a taste that is a cross between a mild broccoli and turnip. To add some zing the recipe called for a mayonnaise and sour cream dressing. I was also fortunate to have scored some “Red Valentine Radishes” from our food share and used them as well. These radishes are gorgeous. Green on the outside with a white outer layer and pink interiors. Very pretty.

I also made mini quiches as well. It was a good meal and it was wonderful to see Vere, Ada and Mary again (even though I forgot to take a blessed picture). Too much gossiping hehe.

2) red valentine radish and carrot juliennes; 3) if you see them; buy ’em

4) kohlrabi .. .you need to peel away the outer skin; 5) my mini quiches

On Friday night, we once again made the trek to the ‘burbs. Now that does sound simple, but with my navigation skills, nothing is ever simple. We were supposed to take the Lakeshore West Go train to Long Branch station. This is where my newly returned cousin, Paul, and his gorgeous wife, Su-Ming, have bought a new home for themselves and their twin baby boys (born at Christmas). Cousin Paul and Su-Ming have returned to Toronto after, oh, 5 years living in Antofagasta, Chile.

ANYway, to the train G and I go. I read track 9 and lose him on the way. I call his cell and he – thankfully – reminds me that I have to cancel my ticket before getting on the train. I dash back down to the hall, cancel the ticket, find G and we’re about to step on the 18:43 train when I notice the sign says “Lakeshore East to Oshawa”. Eek, wrong train. A typical Brent move I must add. I’d be a wreck in any Amazing Race.

I call Paul to advise we’ve missed the train and he suggests catching the Milton line out to Dixie and he’ll pick us up there. Great, yes, except our tickets are for Long Branch and don’t have enough fare to get us to Dixie. So to the long ticket lines we return.

After what seemed eons, we successfully found ourselves standing in a very empty parking lot at Dixie station, thinking, oops, where’s Paul? … he arrives, and we get lost going back out the the QEW. Brother, this is the reason I live in the city. Life is the burbs is complicated.

We finally arrived and blissfully were greeted by two beautiful wee second cousins – Luka and Dylan – and Su-Ming. Pisco Sours, the potent cocktails of choice in Chile, were duly served and between them, a bottle of Moet and a bottle of velvety Arboleda, and many wonderful munchies, tapas-style, we got caught up again.

6) G reaches for the munches in Paul and Su-Ming’s gorgeous new home

7 & 8) oh my, the stress of coming and GO-ing in the quest for the ‘burbs

9) Cousin Paul, moi and Su-Ming … the boys had long been put to bed

10) round 1AM G and I on a very empty GO train head back into Toronto

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6 Responses to Out to the ‘burbs … again

  1. ElusiveWords says:

    I like the kitchen too. (and laughing at Kevin’s comment above…hahaha).

  2. your cousin really does have a gorgeous wife.
    the mini quiches look amazing (wish i had some of that right now)
    i got caught after the first four words =]
    you had a threesome with your old employer?! =D

  3. christao408 says:

    The pink radish is so cute I almost didn’t notice the kitchen which, yes Sheldon, is gorgeous.

  4. CurryPuffy says:

    Mini quiches…yumm!

  5. brooklyn2028 says:

    That kitchen is GORGEOUS!!

  6. Fatcat723 says:

    The food – you are great with the recipes. I love fresh veggies too. I live in the suburbs if Florida really has any and I dislike going into town as they call it here –except for the Farmer’s Market!

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